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      We are not preparing financial accounts – then we may well value inventory differently.
      With management accounting when we are usually preparing statements every month, we keep the inventory value constant at what we expect for the year. Some months the actual costs may be higher than they should be and some months lower, but it would be silly if we were changing inventory values every month.

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        I understand Sir but I want to know it won’t affect the annual result. is the fianacial account consider this resultat at the end of the year? sorry if I don’t understand. Im new.

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      It would have been better to post this in the F8 forum.

      Obviously, since all papers from F4 to F9 (except F6) will have MCQ’s in December, we will as always be updating after the June exams by including MCQ’s.

      Most people are studying at the moment for June exams, MCQs are not relevant for them.

      If you are studying for December, then obviously the existing note and lectures are relevant because the syllabuses are not changing.

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