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      If it is Kaplan then certainly it is OK :-)

      But most important is the Exam Kit. If you watch and understand our free lectures then you do not need the Study Text so much.
      However what you do need is lots of practice – the Exam Kit contains lots of exam-standard questions to practice on.

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    Are the test questions in the video around 30:23 the same as the ones in the course notes or different? Are they there or am I looking in the wrong place. The questions on page 7(mentioned in the lecture) are not the same as the ones in the notes.

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      Primary or secondary depends on why the data was collected (not who is using it).

      So, with the census various information is published. For example, it might give the proportions of the population within different age groups. Because the data was collected specifically to give this information (by there being a question on the census form) it is primary.
      Secondary is when the data was collected for some other reason and then used for a different reason.

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      Primary data in simple terms is unused or processed data
      whereas secondary data been data already used for a different purpose which you are not going to rely on for on to perform a task

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      No – the answer is C.

      The question is a little silly to be honest, but the reason is that (i) and (iii) are calculated using data that was collected for another purpose.
      (ii) and (iv) we are using data that exists specifically for a purpose.

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