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    Thank you very much for the lessons very helpful.
    I am still not quite clear the difference between Stratified and Multistage sampling, as in both you need to divide or split in group. However, it looks to me that if the question mention the word “proportion” or “percentage” it will be definitely Stratified. Am I correct?
    Thank you in advance for your help.

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      As the professor said in the lesson that Stratified sampling focuses on category while Multistage sampling focuses more on groups. e.g. Man or Woman(it’s a category); a big group divided into small groups (it’s not specifically concerning about men or women, they can both in those groups)
      and..yes, “proportion” and “percentage” can be a distinction between these two sampling methods.

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    it is really helpful. i m gonna sit for the exam on 17th.last time i could not pass as i only read the study book n tried the practice kit may b.only yesterday i found ur opentution website.n now i m able to understand many things which i did assume first time.i m happy to have this lectures. is there any suggestion for me to pass in the exam as i hv very little time.

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