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    Dear John,

    I have the same doubt as Sashen and the same seems to have been missed by you. 100s would mean we had to move 2 decimal places which you moved just 1. is there a specific reason or it was missed inadvertently.


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    Should the cost in 1000s on the 4th line in fact read 85 as opposed to 80? I am using the lecture notes from F5 but the above lecture from F2

    Also, the answer in the back of the lecture notes show the answer as

    y= 31.430 + 73.21x

    Should this in fact read y=31,430 + 73.21x ? as per your answer in the lecture? (allowing for the variance in numbers due to the different value of the 4th line?

    many thanks

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      The fourth line in the answer does read 85 and so your first question is puzzling me.

      As regards the 31.430 – yes, indeed it should read 31,430 (and comparison with the high low equation confirms that). It is just a typing error.

      Incidentally, if you are studying for Paper F5 then I do hope you read the first paragraph of the chapter. Calculations on regression analysis can no longer be asked – you can only be expected to be aware of the idea. It is only in F2 that calculations can be asked.

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        I was referring to your answer in the lecture…your 4th line reads as 80 in the lecture.

        Yes, I am aware of that…I was going through the example to gain a broad understanding of regression

        Many thanks for the quick reply…much appreciated

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    Hi Sir

    I would like to know in the final Equation:
    y = 32857 + 67.86x

    I understand that 32.857 the decimal moved to the right because there was 3 zeros in the cost figure.

    I would like to know why did 6.7857 only moved one decimal place ?

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