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      I honestly cannot remember when the lecture was recorded. However I really do not why you are interested.

      All our lectures are always relevant for the next exams. They are reviewed after every exam and if the syllabus changes then lectures are removed or re recorded or new lectures added.

      Why do you hope that is was recently recorded??

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      The index numbers for 2007 and 2008 are telling you that for every $108.2 that was spent in 2007 we would have to spend $119 in 2008.

      So…….if we actually spent $0.40 in 2007 it would cost in 2008: 119/108.2 x $0.40

      (Another way you can look at it is this. Something that cost 108.2 in 2007 would have gone up by 10.80 in 2008 (119 – 108.2). This is an increase of 10.8/108.2 x 100 = 9.982%.
      So….if something cost $0.40 in 2007, then add on 9.982% and you will get a cost of $0.44 in 2008)

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