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    Thank you for the great lectures John. In Test Question 4, the answer indicates that the target rate of return = cost of finance. Are these two terms interchangeable? or is there a play in the question? If cost of finance means as it does [interest payable on an investment loan (?) ], shouldn’t we consider this a cost? which reduces the profit? Many thanks!

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    Hi John Moffat ..after really struggling to get a handle of MA2 , failing it in June ,to passing both Ma2 and Fma today in the CBE exam 70% in one and 64% in the other , it was all down to your fma lectures . Thank you so much !!!!

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    How we can distinguish in exam:
    1. performance measurement – ROI or ROCE – (profit/capital employed)* 100% and
    2.divisional performance measurement – also is ROI !!!! ( controllable profit/controllable investment) * 100%.
    What they meant by investment ( I do not understand , exactly which figures will be , if we look at the balance sheet)

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