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      I assume that you have downloaded the free Course Notes that are used in the lectures?

      According to the question, the WIP brought forward is valued at $9,000 for materials plus $1,250 for the labour and overhead work that had been done.

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    Hi, can anyone pls help me with this problem?

    A company operates a process costing system using the FIFO system of valuation. No losses occur in the process. The following data relates to last month:

    Opening work-in-progress: 200 units with a total value of $1530
    Input to the process: 1000
    Completed production: 1040

    Last month the cost per equivalent unit of production was $20 and te degree of completion of work-in-progress was 40% thoughout the month.

    What was the value(at cost) of last month’s closing work-in-progress?

    a) $1224
    b) $1280
    c) $1836
    d) $1920

    My ans was D and my workings as follows:

    WIP (c/f): (1000+200)-1040 = 160units
    Value: 160×0.6x$20 = $1920

    However, the actual ans was B because they used 0.4 instead of 0.6. As such, I would like to know why is it that they used 0.4 for the valuation instead?


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    I wish I watched these lectures with the notes first – I’ve spent the last couple of months working through the notes alone!
    Nevermind though, it all seems so much easier now. Thank you.

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