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      I assume that you are asking? :-)

      All of our lectures and Course Notes are relevant for the 2014 exams.
      From February 26 the format of the computer based exam will change, but the syllabus remains the same.

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    Dear John,
    Thank you for all of your video lectures.
    I managed to pass ACCA F2 today SOLELY with the help of your video’s, lecture notes and flash cards. This is an alien subject to me as I am in a completely different professional field.
    Astounded this is all for free!
    Once again, thank you very much and I look forward to taking ACCA F3.

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      There is a chapter in the Course Notes (Chapter 6). I have not recorded a lecture on it because it really isn’t needed – the Course Notes should be understandable without a lecture.

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    opentuition is the best for student nationally or internationally for all study materials this is a advantages we should grab it tightly, i find the course very simple and easy, Bravo opentuition

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    Open tuition is the best. I just passed my F2. I only used the materials and lectures from open tuition. God bless this Mr John Moffat for me. You will always have a reason to rejoice. I am very happy. Open tuition thank you so much. I will keep using open tuition study materials and lectures. Cheers!!

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    i have just passed my f2..and i did not take any lecture for any institute.i did my preparation from this website only….and i m a happy person now…opentuition you guys are the best… and MR. John moffat is the best teacher….

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    these notes are good,

    can someone please advise the most helpful order of reading the chapter as the lecturer says the order of the syllabus chapters is not the best.

    what order does open tuition use?

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    I started and just couldn’t stop watching the other chapters. It is really interesting format and clear concise explanations. You jump from Ch1 to Ch4. Do you have the lecture video for ch2 and ch3. Thank you.

  7. avatar says

    I was looking for a lecture on Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 as well.
    May I know if that can be made available?
    Kind Regards.
    PS: Absolutely brilliant effort, this. Thanks so so much for such help, and that too free of charge!

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    This is an absolute opportunity for ACCA students most importantly for some of us that can not afford the cost of tuition. Please keep up the good work and I would like to advice that some of the lectures should be upgraded to meet the changed ACCA syllabus.

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