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      What I would suggest is that you download out free Course Notes for each paper, and watch all our free lectures that go with them

      If you have any problems or questions, then you can ask in our Ask the Tutor Forums and we will reply quickly.

      The one book you really must get hold of for each paper is a Revision/Exam Kit from one of the approved publishers. These books contain lots of practice questions, and it is vital that once you feel you are happy with the topics (from our lectures) that you practice as many questions as possible.

      Remember again – any problems, just ask in the relevant Ask the Tutor Forum.

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    Hi Mr John,

    i passed my CBE F2 today and i used only your videos, notes and a revision kit. I also passed F1 this way and i can say that this website is a real pillar for my studies. So i wanted to thank you for all these free resources!!! Even the big chapters become easy with your explanations.

    Best regards,

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    I’m from China. This is the first time i came here. I ‘d like to know if acca lectures here could be applicable to ACCA exam in China. In order to pass the exam, is it ok that i just learn lectures here and do some past exam papers as practice?

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      Yes certainly – it is the same exam in China

      However, the ACCA does not publish pas exam papers for Paper F2. So get hold of an Exam/Revision Kit from one of the approved publishers. They contain lots of questions to practice and it is vital to practice as many questions as possible.

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    Hi John,

    I just wanted to thank you for all the lectures and notes etc… I sat the F2 paper yesterday and got 78% … I only used Opentuition … I got 84% in F1 too through your lectures.

    Good stuff thank you



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      Whats the problem?

      Any record is by definition an historical record, but that it not the purpose of management accounting. The purpose is to improve the way we manage the business in the future – that is why it is called management accounting.

      It is the purpose of financial accounting to keep an historical record, and if that is all we wanted then there would be no point in doing management accounts as well!

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