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There is no change to the format of the exam in December 2014, there are however minor syllabus amendments >>

Nature of the ACCA P3 paper

ACCA P3 Paper – Business Analysis – is concerned with analysing organisations, devising and deciding on strategic plans for them,  and dealing with some aspects of implementing those plans. There is a significant use of  F5 topics in the analysis and decision-making stages.
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ACCA P3 Revision Tests:

New P3 test – SWOT Implications Test

In doing a SWOT analysis in the exam it is important not just to say something like: “Weakness: Little spent on R&D”.
That would be doing little more than copying part of the question onto the answer sheet. Always think about consequences: try putting ‘therefore’ after the item identified to make you state consequences.
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QUIZ – P3 Model Application Test

In P3 you need to be able to apply models to question scenarios, and usually the model that would be useful is not specified, or not specified directly.
See if you can identify which model would probably be most useful in the following circumstances.

Tips for ACCA P3 June 2015 exam

Strategic position (PESTEL, 5 Forces, resources) and recommendations for improvement

Job design

IT security

Activity based costing

Integrated reporting


Please Note

Tips should not be relied on – they are only intelligent guesses.

Their only purpose is to give you suggestions for topics to concentrate on in your last few days of preparation. Do not exclude other topics from your overall preparation.

Examiners Recommended Reading

Primary Texts:

Johnson G, Scholes K and Whittington R, Exploring Corporate Strategy: Text and Cases: Enhanced Media Edition (Enhanced Media Text & Case) Prentice Hall

Harmon P,Business Process Change: A Manager’s Guide to Improving, Redesigning, and Automating Processes (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems) (2003)

Chaffey D, E-Business and E-Commerce Management,Prentice Hall (2004)

Bratton J and Gold J, Human Resource Management: Theory and Practice (2003)

Secondary texts:

Tricker R and Sherring-Lucas B, ISO 9001: 2000 In Brief: 2000 in Brief (In Brief) (2001)

Pande P and Holpp L, What Is Six Sigma? McGraw-Hill (2002)

Grundy T and Brown L, Strategic Project Management, Thomson Learning (2002)

Schwalbe K, Introduction to Project Management, Second Edition (2006)

These books are recommended by the examiner. If you are having problems with a particular paper, or if you want to do extra reading out of interest, then you might them useful.

The most efficient way of obtaining them is from Amazon in the UK.