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    what are we supplied? a workbook for workings and seperate pages for answers.
    or just single workbook and we have to manage own spacing for workings?


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    In the f6 exam we were given question booklet which we could annotate in our 15 minutes reading time and 1 answer booklet which we were to manage our own space in it for both workings and answers. That was last December 2011 so I dont suppose it will have changed much. It was easy enough. If you read the questions over then you will know roughly how many workings you will need to set out for doing your answer, plan to leave enough space. You can also be given an extra answer booklet if you run out of space but I cant see that happening as there is loads of blank pages and only 5 questions to answer. A good tip would be write your answer proforma out and then do your working after it, going back to slot in the figures in your proforma as you work them out. Good luck!

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    just to add to what Stacy said:

    if you are doing a question ( 20 marks for example) which has 2 parts A for 10 marks and part B for 10 marks. only give yourself 18 mins each (10 * 1.8)

    once you do ur proformas and u plot the numbers, plot easy numbers first as they carry half a mark and if u risk not plotting easy marks u migth get stuck and move on from the question and lose the chance to get easy marks.

    hence its important to attend all question as every question has easy marks which can be plotted once u know the right proforma for eg plotting a given capital allownce or annual exemptions etc.

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