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    Hey all dere r sum quetions wich need answers….plz help

    1- What is the purpose of substantive test?
    a) To identify financial irregularities
    b) To investigate the errors
    c) To verify the accuracy of financial information

    2-Which of the following should be included in a job description for an internal auditor?
    1) identification & testing the operations of control
    2) Making recommendations on improving systems
    3) Considering whether the company is a going concern
    4) Reviewing operational procedures
    a) 1-2-3-4
    b) 2-3-4
    c) 1-2-4
    d) 1-2-3

    3-In order for groups to operate effectively they must have certain basic inputs.Which of the following are major inputs?
    1 group size
    2 group composition
    3 group norms
    4 member roles
    a) 2-3-4
    b) 1-2-4
    c) 1-2-3
    d) 1-3-4

    4-Which of the following is an advantage of group cohesion?
    a) increase likelihood of group think
    b) reduces group influence
    c) increase member satisfaction
    d) reduces likelihood of group think

    5-For which of the following statements defines portes three generic strategies?
    1 an organisations must follow the actions of its competitors
    2 An organisation must analyse its environment and choose an appropriate response
    3 An organisation must reflect the wishes of its owners.
    a) 2 only
    b) 1& 3
    c) 1 only
    d) 2 & 3

    6-Which of the following examines the working of an informal group?
    a) taylors scientific management
    b) X and Y theory
    c) the hawthorne experiment
    d) mayos hierarchy of needs
    plz answer these questions

    • Topics: 15
    • Replies: 13

    hey where u all??reply plx…

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