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    I am seriously considering ‘self study’ of ACCA from F5-F9. I already have exemptions from F1-F4.

    Would welcome any comments/advice on how realistic or otherwise my plans are!!

    Have been unemployed for a while so funds are limited but have lots of time at present.


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    it can be done if you are focused, disciplined and determined. I studied most of those self study and i had no accounting background whatsoever. All first time passes, so it can be done. You have accounting background (hence exemptions) so it should be even easier.

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    I am actually thinking to do the same: self study…. anyone else doing the same ?

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    I am currently doing self study, like you I had exemptions. I had the choice of travelling an hour each way on an evening twice a week (resulting in me getting home at around 10pm, not good!) or doing distance learning and at the moment it is working.

    I sat F5 & F6 (passing F6, failing F5 by 2%) in June. I have to say it takes a lot of motivation to do it, I was lucky that my boss gave me half a day study leave which helped enormously. I am currently resitting F5 and doing F7 now.

    The most struggle is motivating yourself to do it in your own time, for example I usually set Saturday afternoons for study, that means no going out Friday night and the studying can easily be replaced by a day down the pub watching football quite easily.

    I recommend you get a good distance learning provider, for example I use LSFB and can really recommend the F5 & F7 lecturers, they are very informative and kind of involve you (not easy when it is a recording). They always have deals on but I would make contact with them first see what they can offer to you.

    Overall if you are self motivating then go for it!

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