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    i.e. if entire basic rate band is used by non-savings

    37400 @ 20% is always 7480 so you don’t need to work it out

    what else is like this?

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    Do you mean something like this?:

    If adjusted net income exceeds £112,950 and there are no pension contributions or gift aids, then don’t bother calculating personal allowance because it’s ZERO.

    I just read first 6 chapters in BPP text book so I don’t know any more quick tips. Maybe there will be something in corporation tax.

    Would be interesting if some people reply with really good “time saving” tips.

    oh… BTW, I had a question. When you write your answers in exam do you have to write:

    Non Savings Income
    Savings Income
    Dividends income
    Personal Allowance
    Personal Age Allowance

    or can you just use abbreviations, i.e.:

    I think abbreviations like that are real time savers.

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    Yes that is exactly what I mean

    I think you are supposed to make it look professional so use full terms (unless short of time then abbreviate so you can finish the question in time!)

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