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    The Calculator

    I wanted to ask whether you think it is better to lay down a full proforma first and enter numbers directly from the TB then do adjustments and add thoose also,
    Do all adjustments then form your proforma adding all numbers

    I know it may seem like an odd question but factoring in time constraints I am wondering which method is most adopted by students to achieve highest marks, I am currently using the second.


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    I would do the second.

    Ask yourself, “If I write out a proforma, how many marks will I get?”

    The answer is “None”

    Now “If I do ONE working, and it’s correct and properly explained ( details shown ) how many marks will I get?”

    Answer “One”

    Need I say more?

    SOME tutors / tuition establishments would recommend the first approach. Look at the marking schemes and let me know if you find ANY marking scheme for ANY question in F7 where there is a mark specifically allocated to the proforma, please

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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