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    Hello Friends,
    I was thinking for registering and qet ACCA qualified, however there was one question which I wanted to ask.
    Is it neccessary for you to go to any coaching institute for you to prepare for the ACCA exams, or only self study can help you?
    Have you cleared the exams with self study or by tuitions?
    What is the appropiate fees for tuitions..

    Apprecite your replies.

    Best Regards,

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    Hi Moe,

    I have done exams F4 to F8 (and passed first time) all on self study at home.
    It takes stamina, committment, and discipline! but it certainly can be done.
    Opentuition notes and lectures are fantastic, but I personally would also reccomend another set of notes (Kaplan, BPP, etc).
    I am imminently about to start F9 and I have chosen to try an E-Book this time from Emile Woolf.
    If you choose to go to a college typically it would be £250 to £300 per subject
    If you home study Textbooks are approx £20-£50 depending on supplier/publisher (or you can use ebay for second hand in some subjects)
    However I have just chosen to go the E-book route – brand new text book cost me £5!!

    Hope this helps

    Good luck :-)


    i did from F5 to P7 through self study, i went for a couple of P5 lessons after working hours but i would be tired to listen in class, so i preferred to go home and study by myself, i passed the subjects just above 50% and repeated some courses of course,, so this depends with what you are able to handle, i worked fulltime and had after hours to study for the past 3 years and i made it,, if you know you need classes just enrol and if you are confident you can do it by yourself then go ahead,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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