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    i need to know how i can pass f2 and f3 given tht i will be taking them this june and i dont have much time left.. is open tuition enough to pass????

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    Yes it enough to pass. Try to watch the lectures
    go topical wise. and after that try ipass question topic wise.
    You will know that you have proper grip on what ever topic you ace :)

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    Yes. In addition to Open tuition, if you googled, you may find many text books nowadays available in WWW. Download F2 and F3 text books and go through them. BPP and Kaplan are the majorly used text books and good ones too. While going through each chapter, use open tuition notes and videos. Do not use too many study material as they may not add extra value. To pass F2 and F3 (and the whole ACCA!) – PRACTICE IS MUST . No excuses. Always do questions from PAST PAPERS as they are TRULY exam standard. Good luck :)


    Thanks guyss..
    and where do i get the iPass?
    and what about past exam papers do u know where i can find them?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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