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    this is my first time sitting for paper based exams.

    can i use a BLACK GEL PEN(Pilot) to answer during the exams? i’m just used to this pen, so it makes me more comfortable…

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    Hi I also like using Gel pens but they cannot be used in exam, I asked ACCA and they told me that it has to be a ball point pen as the Gel pens do not show up when they scan the papers for the markers – hope this helps

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    Can we use tippex or correction tape? Also can we use highlighter pens on the question paper??

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    Hi all,

    - only black ball pens can be used on the answer booklet, nothing else, no highlighter, pencils, different colour or anything!
    - you can take a highlighter pen for the question paper – I would highly reccommend it!!

    Best of luck to all

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    Gel pens are ballpoint pens, the ink in a gel pen is a water based gell with the pigment suspended in the gell as opposed to a heavier oil based viscous ink found in say a biro. pen. The ink in gel pens is thinner than say a biro thats why gel pens are normally more comfortable to use. As long as the ink is black and clear the scanner will pick it up. We use industrial scanners at work abducted its amazing what they pick up. Tipex and pencil along with highlighter are a no no.

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