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    Section A
    1 Large question including NPV, cost of capital, asset/equity betas.
    2 Foreign exchange risk management

    Section B
    3 Interest rate risk management
    4 Option pricing
    5 Written – possibly on the European debt crisis

    Kaplan Financial

    Section A
    Business Valuation
    Investment appraisal
    Corporate reconstruction
    Section B
    BSOP model
    Interest rate hedging
    The Eurozone debt crisis


    Section A (50-70 marks in total) will contain two compulsory questions; each question will be allocated between 25 and 40 marks. Section A questions will integrate a number of different syllabus areas and often include a substantial discounted cash flow question, and business valuation techniques.
    In section B (30-50 marks in total) you will need to choose two questions from a choice of three. Each question will be worth between 15 and 25 marks, and question 5 will be a discursive written question. Commonly tested areas include risk management, and currency risk management is due to be tested. The European debt crisis could feature as an aspect to the discussion question.

    First intuition

    International investment appraisal techniques focusing on risk management tools such as value at risk.
    Impact on WACC following hedging of interest rate risk.
    Company valuation based scenario, possible MBO finance to structure.
    Adjusted present value with link to real options and Black Scholes option pricing model.


    Foreign direct investment (NPV, MIRR, project duration).
    Project specific cost of capital.
    Transfer pricing.
    Adjusted present value.
    Black Scholes option pricing.
    Financial and corporate reconstruction.
    Currency futures and options.


    Role and responsibility towards stakeholders.
    Domestic and international investment decisions.
    Mergers and acquisition strategies.
    Advanced treasury and risk management techniques.
    Impact of macro economics and international financial institutions.
    Emerging issues in finance and financial management.

    Source : PQ Magazine

    best of luck with exam!


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