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    I need advice on studying for P level. So far, I’ve passed all F levels (F1-F9) on first attempt, but I failed for the first time for P1. Can anyone give me some advice/tips on studying for P? I find it extremely difficult to score marks on P1 especially for Q1 which constitutes a significant mark of 50.

    I think my main problem is I’m more a theoretical & calculation person rather than a practical & explanation, plus I may struggle to write in English thus makes it difficult to construct words in a time-constraint exam environment. I plan to proceed with P2 or/and P3 first as these papers at least have some calculation parts that I may score on but I guess I still need to identify my weakness during sitting for P1 and assess new method for studying P papers.

    Thanks for any advice.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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