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    I joined ACCA in 2007 and was pretty sure I opted into the Oxford Brookes/ACCA degree partnership. I’m now sitting the P papers and have thought more about doing the degree so I contacted ACCA twice who advised me that I wasn’t actually opted in and that they could not see anything on my account showing I had opted in. Too be honest I didn’t give the degree much thought until starting on the P papers, but was sure I opted in just incase I wanted to do it later on in my studies.

    To cut a long story short, I decided to check through my old paperwork from the ACCA and found a Profile they had sent me with my registration number, password etc. On the Profile it’s clear that I had opted in. I contacted ACCA once again and within 2 minutes they had the same document on their screen, agreeing with me.

    The ACCA advisor told me that a lot of students have this same problem due to a computer blip.

    I’m happy I have nearly got to the bottom of this problem, but I find it a bit irritating that it was me who had to tell ACCA what was on my student account and only then they agreed with me. Prior me finding proof, I was told twice that I was not opted in and with the proof, they quickly confirmed my status. Also the fact that if they knew there was a problem with their computers and particularly with students opting into the degree, why did they not advise me of the problems and offer to look into it for me. I find it all a bit strange and very unhelpful.

    I just wanted to know if there was anyone else in this situation? Also a word of advice to anyone having the same problems…check your original paperwork, because I’m sure that if I didn’t, ACCA would still be advising me that I’m not opted into the degree partnership.

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