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    Hi people,

    Its my first time taking F8 and unfortunately didn’t have enough money to attend classes, so my exam technique is currently not up to scratch. I just want to find out how to write out the answers for the questions that they give, for example some of the answers in the past papers are written out in columns and bullet points, is it ok to write like that in the exam? Or is their a different structure that must be followed?

    Any help will be much appreciated!

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    there’s a example of exam anwser and the marking on the document list, and as you can see, it’s done in columns and bullet point fashion, also in my Kaplan text book practise questions, all the answers tends to be in short paragraphs bullet point fashion, each paragraphs contain a key point to the anwser with relevant/necessary explanation and then moving on to the next point in next paragraph, it just makes it easier for yourself and examiner since it’ll stop you from repeating yourself, and allows examiner to look for points and key words easier than read a big block of text

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