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    Hi guys, kindly be of help on how best you can study F9 as a part-time student.

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    I’m full time working mother and I study part time at home via distance learning. I would recommend enrolling to online classroom. It’s more varied and interactive therefore much more interesting than just reading a ‘dry’ textbook. But you need to be self-disciplined if you study this way.
    I always use BPP but I noticed that it’s very different from course to course. For example, I really really liked F6 tutor and the way she explained new topics. And because I had such a good first impression I thought I’ll stick with BPP. F4 was good as well. F5 and F9 were pretty average. In F5 video lectures I could sometimes here a bird singing. That I found completely unprofessional and very distracting. I felt really disappointed but each time I book new course I hope that it’ll be as good as F6:)

    Anyway, if you have more time than me then I would recommend enrolling to a part time classroom course (evenings, weekends or day blocks). Some tuition providers even give you access to pre-recorded online lectures so if you don’t pick up enought information in the classroom you can always come back home and watch videos.

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    I study with Kaplan part time, at the weekends, so far (F4 and F5) they have been excellent. I do Tuition and Revision and with this you get access to the recorded lectures available online, which are great for further revision outside of the weekend classes.

    Im doing the same again for F6 and F9 for the June Sitting.

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    I’m full time employee. I use BPP materials and this time i have some LSBF video lectures for F9. I will also use OT as an additional source and go through all the lectures definitely. OT really helped me with understanding difficult topics from F5 so I recommend you Nosiku going through them.

    BPP books have an opinion to provide indepth knowledge and understanding of each subject which i like personally. As i have browsed the forum people find Kaplan books as the one who are not as detailed as BPP getting you straight to what you need to pass the exam. Havent used myself so i don’t have the comparison.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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