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    then want to reconfirm are the answer that provided by the examiner it is has been outdated?

    In june 2008 question 1 is no need show the nci value in calculation of goodwill?

    why in your recording the figure on the income statement profit that attributable to nci is 1600 instead of examiner answer is 2100?(in your working for nci u add share of goodwill impairment 0.5)

    in examiner answer,the goodwill answer not minus the impairment of 2m but in your workings of calculation goodwill have minus the impairment of goodwill, so which answer should i follow?

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    Hi jessie

    I haven’t forgotten you …. but! I’m working away from home at the moment and I’m not enough computer literate to be able to enable the computer where I am staying to download the Patronic question. However, I’m back home next week and shall get to your various queries then.

    I do apologise for any inconvenience caused, but I hope that you will understand.

    Meanwhile, why not move on from Patronic!

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