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    sophia moore
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    Im Hoping somebody can give me a bit of advice, I have failed F9 3 times now and I will be sitting it again in Dec, But i have to say that the thought of picking this paper up again makes me ill : ( and im on the verge of just quitting, which i know is not a good idea, just wondered if there is anybody else out there going through or have been through what im going through and can offer some good words of advice , Thanks

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    well to my surprise i passed this paper first tiem with 50, however i had very limited time to prepare and that’s what i noticed.

    Do not try to study financial management as a science …this can take u about 5 years. Try to do question practice and i would say ..timed one. Put the clock and do mock exams under timed conditions. Take the same paper that will be used at exam (well the one that looks similar) , same pen that u will use and same calculator. By this u will see if u expeirnece any technical issues.

    Check the very basics. Try to analyse which topics you hate, or where u feel weak. Then take a deep breath and study them, ..practice questions. Ask questions here on forum , until there is no any part of syllabus where you feel yourself weak.

    F9 is not as hard as people describe it here …just we don’t get any prelimiary preparation as F9 is quite different from other F9 level papers.

    But if u don’t practice questions , then no one will practice them for u ..unfortunately.
    Start today..spend all your evenings on F9 :D and then u’ll pass :D

    Best of luck!

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    I am also sitting for the fourth time. Thanx for your advise Ansi will practice that.

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    You can also look for tutor recorded videos of F9. Search them in torrent. This can help you pass if you have any problem understanding any topic. Also, it will cover the most important topics.

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    Hey guys, ill tell you the common mistake that students make, they only practice computational aspect of a question and not theory. If you look at an exam question, I am sure you will see the marks are distributed evenly ( and in some cases more towards theory) between computation and theory.
    e.g. We can all compute the WACC, but do we know what it represents? Do you know the arguments presented against the use of the WACC? (M&M and Irrelevancy) Do we know when it is suitable to use?

    My suggestion to you guys is for a few nights a week leave the calculators alone and study all theory. If you need some clarification on the theory, use the online vids or youtube.

    In summary spend as much time on theory as you spend on practicing computation.

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    I’ve not sat this paper yet but I’ve passed all the exams I’ve sat first time, so here are some indispensible tips:

    The layout of your work is VERY important. Always show your workings and answers in a clear and precise way. For example, try using tables to seperate figures, and use different pages for your workings; don’t scribble your answer and workings on a page and expect the examiner to try and pick out the figures.

    Make sure your handwritting is readable and your grammar is adequate. I know English is not everbody’s first language, but if the examiner can’t read what you have written, you can’t score marks. For example, above, everybody has written the word practise as a noun, when they actually meant it as a verb – I know I’m taking that example a bit far, but the sentence technically doesn’t make sense.

    Allocate time to each question and don’t go over that time!
    Seperate your writting into paragraphs for each point you make!

    And the most important tip of them all, practiSe as much past questions as possible. “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand.”

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