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    • The Miller-Orr model and Baumol model.
    • Debt factoring and settlement discounts.
    • SME finance (for more detail refer to the Student Accountant article
    ‘Business finance and the SME sector’ – September 2001).
    • Purchasing power parity and interest rate parity theories.

    • Working capital – questions on inventory management and receivables management are likely
    • Investment decisions – net present value (NPV), often with tax and inflation. You may need to calculate a weighted average cost of capital before you calculate an NPV.
    • Sources of finance – a topical area, we would expect a part
    question on financing problems covering gearing issues and problems for small and medium sized
    companies. Ratio analysis is likely to feature here.
    • Business valuations commonly tested and a core syllabus area. In recent sittings the examiner has looked to combine different syllabus areas within the same exam question; for example, asking you to calculate a cost of equity and then use it to value a company. Make sure that you are also able to value debt.
    • Financial environment & risk management – recent exchange rate and interest rate volatility could impact on a company’s financial management plans – a part question on this area could be set, with further discussion and calculations on hedging techniques.


    • Investment appraisal – risk and uncertainty.
    • Working capital management – models for inventory and cash management.
    • Valuations – asset and cash flow based values.
    • Business finance – gearing/capital structure calculations/commentary.
    • Risk management – interest rate risk.

    • Investment appraisal – tax and inflation.
    • Cost of capital – project specific discount rates.
    • Business finance – rights issue and gearing.
    • Risk – parity theory and currency hedging.
    • WCM – financing of WC and receivables.
    • Valuation – PV of FCF.
    • NPV – sensitivity analysis.

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    Doesn’t that pretty much cover the entire course?

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    Yes it does.. the whole F9 course :-) which really helps!!

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    you should really cover everything in order to pass.

    ogbuchi henry
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    One needs to read extensively to grab these tips

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