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    Is open tuition not provided video lectures on net for Global variant? as I could find only the England variant.

    Is there any sullabus change after 2007 to this subject?

    Is F4 global variant also being discussed in this forum?

    Can anybody answer to my qurries please.,

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    Sorry, no lectures for global variant

    We hope to get some notes in March for F4 global though.

    and Yes, you can discuss F4 global on the forums (just indicate Global) in your posts



    PLEASE get the F4 GLOBAL notes as soon as possible,it would be of greatttt help!


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    Dear Admin,

    Plz guide me which is best F4 global or UK ?


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    while admin takes his time to reply your message, i guess i’ll add a couple of comments here.

    First of all u can’t just say what is best. They are both best :)
    But u can define that is best for u :)

    If u plan to work in the UK only, then maybe it’s worth to go for UK variant, if u plan to work abroad or still don’t know where u will work , then u can go for global.

    As a person who faced the same question some months ago, i can tell u the following.
    Please note that this is only my personal opinion.

    1)Global variant is much easier.
    U need to know much less cases and can actually pass exam without mentioning any case at all.

    2) Global variant is more interesting.
    U don’t need to stick to UK codes which are sometimes a bit too technical. Instead u study a bit from different legislations and get a broader view on law.

    However, that also means that at the end u won’t know any legislation well. U will just learn different bits from different systems.
    But u’ll know some international laws, like UNCISG , which wil be the one that u’ll need to know almost by heart :D But it’s worth it , 3 exam questions wil be based on it, including scenario:)

    Well , the choice is up to u. In order to decide what is better, simply decide, what is your goal .

    good luck.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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