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    I haven’t paying much attention in maths classes in school. So, there are some very basic things that leave me baffled.

    Will you please show me how is a number with an exponent in decimals(e.g 4^0.214) solved with a calculater. I don’t even want to think of trying it manually.

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    It really depends what kind of calculator you have.

    Look to see if you have a button marked x^y .

    If you have then you type 4 x^y .214

    However, the only place you are likely to need this is if there is a learning curve question. In this case you are always looking for something like 4^-0.2345 (the minus is important).

    To do this on your calculator, look for a +/- button (on some calculators it is not there in which case there will be a (-) button.

    Then you would type 4 x^y +/- 0.2345

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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