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    Hi, I am about to take my F1 exam but I have been out of education for so long my nerves about this are killing me. The thought of failing is making me not want to take the exam – any tips for getting over nerves and can any one tell me how the exam was for them – positive stories please so I can feel better about it?

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    dear sazloolabean,

    I personally right now do not see any real reason for u to fail the paper.
    Tell me , are you illiterate ? :) do u have problems with reading? do u have problems with english?
    From your post , i don’t see any of those problems.

    Now, did u get updated books and exam kit ?

    If u did, then , how in the whole world u will fail?
    It’s impossible :)

    Ah, yea, it is possible, if u don’t study at all. Then yea .. u have a chance to fail :)

    You are taking just one paper, and some people (not genious) take 4 and pass it :)
    ACCA exams are not an olympiade , where u need to demonstrate abilities to think out of the box …where u need to be way smarter then others.
    ACCA exams are for an average student. Yes it’s hard to score 90, but it’s very possible to score 50.

    What makes the difference is the amount of time during which you practice and whether u do exam focused practice or u just read a book without practicing at all. If u practice exam format questions and u ensure that u know at least something on every topic, then u won’t fail .
    it’s just 50% come on :)

    F1 is easy, even if u don’t have any higher education and u are knew to economics , F1 is stil easy, but …a bit boring.
    By now if u have a book u must be already so depressed by the size of this book. But u know what, not all acca books are so huge. F2 and F3 will be smaller. F6 will be big and some P books will be big :)
    but dont’ u want to get small ones? if u do , then finish F1 quickly and go enjoy other subjects :)

    F1 is knowledge level, so it’s about tests. That’s easier then skills level exams as u always have some chance to guess, even though it’s not the best strategy.

    Ask yourself, do you progress in your studies every day? every week? be honest.
    if u don;t, what is the reason? U are bored? u are lazy ?
    or it’s just hard,. If there are topics that u can’t undersatnd , then u can always ask at forum and people will help u. U can even find a study buddy here and study with him/her ….it will be more enjoyable then studying alone.

    Check the exam date, see how much time u have,
    devide number of chapters that u have to cover by number of weeks and practice.
    But ensure that u have leave at least 1 month for pure kit practice. As that’s what will help u the most :)

    so, get your study weapons ready and prepare to impress your relatives with ur high results :)

    good luck!

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    The worst thing that can happen is you fail. If that happens, don’t worry!

    Study hard and go for it again.

    Do the opentuition mock exam, its the same format. A good way of seeing where you are at the moment.

    Note down the questions you struggle with and find that subject in the book :-)


    wow you mean F1 is simple lucky you

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    I am preparing to write F1 and F2 paper in June after being out of school for the past 14yrs. The way the books are laid out coupled with the lectures and notes as well as mock exams available on open tuition has allayed any fears I may have had initially. Thanks ansi and philjer for the little pep talk it helped to hear it from others who would have been there.


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    @ansi….u noe wot??u r the most +ve creature i hv ever met so far! thank u so much…i gave f1 within 2 months n dt ws THE BIGGEST mistake of my life..i completely flunked…got 44% by studying all myself…bt dis tym im hoping to do SOMETHING…lets see wot happens!thnx again!

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    well i’m glad that my posts made u smile and i humbly hope that maybe they motivated u to study as well ..at least a bit …pleaase , for me! :)
    as well as now it will feel so nice to have this lovely title ” most positive creature”

    Well, i believe that all those studies are not about getting stressed and tensed.
    ACCA is my hobby and so i’m always trying to add some humour to these posts :)

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    @ansi “the +ve creature” :P i always think of taking acca in a FUN way bt dt only works fr…maximum 1 hr :..after 1 hr i jus cant stand it!!i have no idea wat im gnna do this june :( please can u help me??
    and what is this “compare the power and influence of various stakeholder groups and how their needs should be accounted for, such as under the Mendelow framework?” i know nothing apart from drawing the frameowrk lol!!HELP!!!

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    well, it happens to everyone . Each day we have different mood and topics are also different.
    But u know try to study by listening to lectures , watching videos. It’s the easiest way for me.
    knowledge level is about tests and tests is somehow fun , as u can see how u are good at guessing :P
    ACtually u can learn smart guessing, that means when u intuitively feel the answer, based on knowledge u have :)

    Try tests once u finish every topic.

    Please do watch ACCA videos, work out all the tests they provide.

    Re your question.
    lol, if u think i remember anything from f1, then u think so high of me :)
    U know i never manage to remember this Mendelow matrix, but u can easily find it in your book.
    You know this matrix is just a table, that shows you how shareholders should be treated acording to their power/influence and interest.
    It’s easy, just 4 cells.

    If i remember now it was something about :
    keep informed,
    keep satisfied,

    So u just need to remember those 4 cells and that’s it.
    Your test might look like :
    how should shareholders with high influence and low itnerest be treated . etc.

    i hope u got it, sorry, i’m a bit lazy to open this matrix now.

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    hahhah U DID A LOT THERE DUDE!!n THANXXXXX ALOTTTT!!! yep thinkin of making u in a high position :P… the link u jus gave…does it have all lecture videos for all chapters? u can help me by giving me links where i can watch lectures..since u r RIGHT about learning through watching :)
    1 more prob! :P…can u help me with PESTL?? whenever i look @ the detailed syllabus under this catagory…YEP!!U GUESSED IT RYT.. lets NOT EXPLAIN WT HAPPENS TO ME :p

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    hi :)

    don’t be lazy :)
    if u want to contiue with ACCA learn to research for materials :)
    i gave u the link, the rest is up to u:)

    as for PESTEL, i wish i could help, but honestly i don’t remember it at all ..
    something about powers i guess? ..really have no clue about it now.
    But your book surely has it :) so open index and see relevant page :)

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    ahhhhh thanx l0l!!

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    u have anymore links @ansi???

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    @ansi..what’s frictional unemployment…cn u remember?

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