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    show clearly threats and safeguards:
    1.the audit senior in charge of the audit of Quaky, a bank.has a personal loan from the Quaky Bank of $2000 on which he is currently paying a market rate of interest

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    there is no threat. he is paying a market rate interest. if he is getting special priviledge just because he is the auditor of bank then there is a threat. but in this case, no threat.


    the other question also need show threat and safeguard,question as below:

    1.the audit manager in charge of the audit assignment of GOO holds 1000 $1 ordinary shares in the company (total shares in issue-100000). The audit partner holds no shares.

    2. An audit partner of a firm of Certificated Accountants is a personal friend of the chief accountant of SCHOME.The chief accountant is not a director of the company and the partner is not responsible for the audit SCHOME.

    3.The audit fee receivable from HIKS, a listed company, is $100000. The total fees income of the audit firm is &700000.

    4. An audit partner is responsible for two audit assignments :LON and VIL. LON has recently tendered for a contract with VIL for a supply of material quantities of goods over a number of years. VIL has asked the audit partner to advise on the matter.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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