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    is it necessary to answer all the questions in order to pass F7 int.?if a candidate , for instance, answer four questions and attain passing marks but he left one question unanswered, will he b failed?

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    No, if you miss a question off, and still manage ( miraculously ) to score 50 or more, you will be graded as a pass.

    But why would you want to adopt such a STUPID APPROACH?????

    Do you never read the examiner’s comments? examiners are unable to understand how people, appearently intelligent enough to be trying to qualify as accountants, can nevertheless continue to be so stupid as to try passing exams without attempting 100% of the marks.

    I bet you are really peased that you have posted your question! Also, there will be other posts which say “I passed F7 and I only attempted 75% of the paper”

    They’re probably lying! Of course, they will deny that they are lying. They’ll deny it vehemently. But they’re lying! hey are like your school friends who say “Have you done any revision? I’ve not done ANY – none at all” Then they get a grade “A” and you have believed them, done no work, and struggled to get just a pass grade.

    Don’t even think about missing any question. That way goes the imbecile – the idiot – the mentally challenged.

    Glad you posted your question. I just hope that you have got the general drift of my reply :-)



    To add to those words of wisdom:
    There are ALWAYS easily attainable marks in EVERY question. Even if you’re completely stuck you could almost certainly put SOMETHING on the paper that would score a mark or two. Why pass those up?

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    thanks accaman.

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