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    I did not clear my F5 and F6 exams in the june 2012 attempt. although i worked very hard,especially for f5,but could not time my paper well and hence did not complete it.
    Now i’m thinking of giving F8 and F9 in the December attempt and registering myself for HDA in Jan which gives 6 ACCa papers exemption since i also have to give F3 and F!. HDA has a one off payment so it will be cheaper as well.

    IN HDA,i’l give f3,f5,f6 which has the same study text as ACCA and F2 and F4 will be exempt for me since i cleared it.(no F1 there plus i studied it’s content in A-levels)
    In that way,there will be less money constraint,my time will also not be wasted and i can continue with my ACCA.
    But i need advice on this..


    no response ??

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    Hi there.

    No disrespect meant so please do not take offence – have I understood you correct to mean you only taking the HDA route to gain exemptions from F1 to F6?
    I personally would think hard about that as F7-F9 exams are equally as hard, plus it gets a lot harder when you hit the P exams, plus a lot of their content is expanded upon at P level.

    You mention exam time management being a factor – there is a really good lecture on opentuition (I think its in the F7 section) on exam technique which I followed to the letter and it works.

    The only other advice I can give is that I am aware that F5 in the last three sittings has been a challenging exam anyway – I have a colleague who has failed on three attempts. Perhaps December 2012 may be an easier exam and worth a resit?

    Hope this helps – and again no disrespect meant. ACCA is a very hard qualification to complete.

    Best of luck

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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