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Nature of the ACCA P2 paper

ACCA P2 Paper – Corporate Reporting – a ( big ) step up from F7 Financial Reporting – is to apply knowledge and skills and to exercise professional judgement in the application and evaluation of financial reporting principles and practices in a range of differing business situations.
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Tips for ACCA Paper P2 Dec 2013 exams

  1. Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows (long time since asked!) OR tent structure including a foreign subsidiary (35 marks);  8 marks of corporate governance and 7 marks chat about management commentaries
  2. Scenaria question with 4 problem areas worth 5 – 7 marks each with up to 12 references to IAS / IFRS.  Occasionally, the directors will have proposed an appropriate treatment – just occasionally!  So, be aware that the proposed action may in fact be ok – it’s not always a poor choice by the directors
  3. Similar to question 2 – a scenaria question with 3 – 4 parts worth anywhere from 5 – 12 marks with up to 6 references to IAS / IFRS
  4. Current issue question – the last 3 have been on proposed revision to IAS 37 Provisions and Contingencies, IFRS 13 Fair Values and heavy discussion about how much disclosure is “enough” and how much is “too much”.  There hasn’t been a 25 marker on Management Commentary since it started to become a fashionable discussion topic

Please Note

Tips should not be relied on – they are only intelligent guesses.

Their only purpose is to give you suggestions for topics to concentrate on in your last few days of preparation. Do not exclude other topics from your overall preparation.

Examiners Recommended Reading

“International GAAP 2006″ – Ernst and Young LexisNexis

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Workbook and Guide: Practical insights, Case studies, Multiplechoice questions, Illustrations: Practical … Multiple-choice Questions, Illustrations Abbas Ali Mirza, Graham J Holt, Magnus Orrell. Wiley (2006)

These books are recommended by the examiner . If you are having problems with a particular paper, or if you want to do extra reading out of interest, then you might them useful.

The most efficient way of obtaining them is from Amazon in the UK.