ACCA F8 Lectures

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ACCA F8 lectures –  Sep/Dec 2015 Exams

Introduction to ACCA Paper F8

Chapter 1

What is Assurance? [15m35]

Chapter 2

Corporate Governance [28m55]

Chapter 3

Auditors’ Rights, Appointment, Removal, Resignation and Regulation [12m41]

Chapter 4

Professional Ethics [34m54]

Chapter 5

The Audit Report [33m15]

Chapter 6

Types of Audit Report: Modified/Unmodified [24m41]

Chapter 7

The Stages of an Audit – Appointment [20m02]

Chapter 8

The Stages of an Audit – After Appointment [28m41]

Chapter 9

Risk [22m48]

Chapter 10

The Audit Process and Audit Evidence [47m54]

Chapter 11

Sampling [22m29]

Chapter 12

Internal Control [43m44]

Chapter 13

Some Accounting Systems [41m27]

Chapter 14

Computer Systems [30m16]

Chapter 15

Computer Assisted Audit Techniques [10m42]

Chapter 16

The Final Audit – the Assertions Revisited [7m12]

Chapter 17

The Audit of Receivables [19m59]

Chapter 18

The Audit of Payables [6m33]

Chapter 19

The Audit of Accruals and Prepayments [5m41]

Chapter 20

The Audit of Inventory [24m15]

Chapter 21

The Audit of Cash [3m39]

Chapter 22

 The Audit of Non-Current Assets [8m59]

Chapter 23

Internal Audit and Other Third Parties [12m17]

Chapter 24

Audit Documentation [16m22]

Chapter 25

Fraud and Error [7m35]

Chapter 26

Events Occurring After the Reporting Period [7m59]

Chapter 27

Contingent Assets and Liabilities [8m27]

Chapter 28

Written Representations [8m00]

Chapter 29

The Audit Report – Revisited [5m22]

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