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      There is about a 60% overlap between English variant and Global variant so, yes, you should find the lectures helpful? As for the differences – you can find this out for yourself by looking at the ACCA website pages for the two variant syllabi.

      VERY briefly, much less contract law and cases in Global. Instead Global has arbitration and international sale of goods (and other international conventions)

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      Aloe Vera

      No, there are no lectures on employment law. Check out the ten or so questions from the area in a reputable revision kit and that should give you enough information to be able to answer an employment law question

  1. avatar says

    Respected Sir, I am really very worried about my preparation of paper F4. I hardly have less than 5 weeks for the preparation and I have not even opened the book to have a look at the content page to count how many chapters are there in the course. I’ve heard its a very lengthy area. Kindly tell me by your vast experience the best possible and the easiest way of getting myself prepared and all set for the exam. I am waiting for your quick reply. Thankyou.

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    Respected Sir, I am really very worried about my preparation of paper F4. I hardly have less than 5 weeks for the preparation and I have not even opened the book to have a look at the content page to count how many chapters are there in the course. Ive heard its a very lengthy area. Kindly tell me by your vast experience the best possible and the easiest way of getting myself prepared and all set for the exam. I am waiting for your quick reply. Thankyou.

  3. avatar says

    Hello sir,

    I’m taking the Singapore Variant paper for the June 2014 exam. May I know what are the chapters that are the same and which few chapters only applies to GLO/ENG variant?

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    Hi Mike

    Firstly – thanks so much for your continued support and prompt responses to us students. I’ve just started ACCA and sit my F1 in a month and have F2&F3 exemptions approved. I have paid the ACCA to sit the F4 &F5 in December and was interested to note your comments on the F4 being a possible CBE. I’m sure most students would prefer the CBE route allowing them to immediately re-sit the paper in the event of a failure rather than waiting for another 6 months. Do you have any further details on this and many thanks for your help in advance.

    Kind Regards


  5. avatar says

    This lecture was really helpful. But can you tell me what are those 10 points you are referring at the end of the video?
    Also I sat my F3 paper in January. And I’m doing f1, f2, F4, F6 in the June session. Just want to know whether I can write the F4 and F6 exams before facing for the CBE f1 and f2 papers.

    Thanks a lot for these lectures. VERY helpful

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      You need 10 points per question. It’s no good having 3 or 4 even though they may be SUPER points – they’re worth only 3 or 4 marks.

      To score 10, you need 10 points

      Even 5 is not enough – what if the marker decides that 1 of those 5 is not clear enough? Then you have scored only 4 out of the 10 available, and that’s not enough for a pass!


      • avatar says

        Ok sir.. Thanks alot.
        and can you answer the second part as well :)

        That is ;
        “Also I sat my F3 paper in January. And I’m doing f1, f2, F4, F6 in the June session. Just want to know whether I can write the F4 and F6 exams before facing for the CBE f1 and f2 papers”

        THANK YOU AGAIN :)

      • avatar says

        Ok sir.. Thanks alot.
        and can you answer the second part as well :)

        That is ;
        If I could sit for F4 and F6 before facing for th CBE F1 and F2 papers? :)

        THANK YOU AGAIN :)

  6. avatarTemperance says

    @ Mike Little

    Hi Mike if a student does not pass the CBE sitting in Dec can they do it over immediately or do they have to wait till June sitting?

    I look forward to your reply

  7. avatarTemperance says


    Hi dear

    In relation to the Dec 2014 CBE exams, what fee would apply for f4? I know there is an early fee and standard fee quoted on myacca. Will this remain the same?

    Also, is there a CBE demo for this paper?

    Thanking You

    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      Hi, there are no videoed lectures on this site specifically for the global F4. However, around 60% of the lectures / syllabus for F4 English is relevant to the F4 global variant. In addition listening to the videos and reading the course notes, you should make sure that you have available a revision kit from one of the reputable publishing tuition providers and that you honestly work your way through the past exam questions and answers from that revision kit


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    sir, Since These lecture have been recorded few years beck. I would like to know weather is there any area there has been a change in the video explanations, or the way of answering for June 2014 sitting. Thankx a lot in advance

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      Hi Hixam

      When you remember that the basics of English Law were laid down hundreds of years ago …..

      No, there has been very little change since the recordings were made and certainly none of the cases mentioned have had their decisions changed!

      There have been isolated topics introduced since the recordings, but these are amply covered in the notes – principally the topics of “Treasury shares” and “the Bribery Act”

      • avatar says

        thank you sir for the immediate reply. So Will we be able to see the videos for that new two topic before our exam sitting for the june 2014.

      • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

        Hi – no plans to record them in the near future. Both topics are relatively short – Treasury shares is just a page and a half and really needs no further comment. Bribery Act is also pretty much self contained and should be within the grasp of any student.

        Try it and see for yourself :-)

    • avatar says

      Hey Petter, Admin’s normal reply to this post is “If it’s not on the site, it does not exist” or something like that You will find that there are some chapters in the notes for many of the papers which dont have a lecture. Opentution comment is normally “its easy enough for you to read by yourself – we have to leave you with some work to do on your own”

      And that seems to work!

  9. avatar says

    can someone help me out please..i am in a big problem, actually I had to sit for f4-global paper but my registration is done for the f4-English variant paper, I am so confused what to do,, I am trying to open the lecture videos but it does not open.. what should I do?

    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      Do you have F4 global revision kit? It doesn’t matter if you don’t because you can download all the past exam questions and answers from this website link to the ACCA

      Download from december 2007 up to last June.

      And then start READING – not trying to learn, just read. As many times as you can force yourself to do it.

      Start with December 2007, read June 2008, and then December 2007 again.

      Then December 2008, followed by December 2007 and June 2008.

      Then June 2009 followed by December 2007, June 2008, December 2008

      Then December 2009, December 2007, June 2008, December 2008, June 2009

      Then June 2010, December 2007 ……….I think you get the idea.

      READ, read, read again until you’re sick of it.

      And then read it all again

      And DO NOT try to sit and learn – JUST READ – over and over and over again

      And watch the videos from the course notes chapter 10 onwards – the videos are aimed at the English variant but the two variants, English and Global are parallel after chapter 10 (Agency – if that’s chapter 10) in the course notes

  10. avatar says

    about to sit F4 paper next week. So any tips what you think will be in paper or wont be in paper. Have gone over the videos three times now and got good notes, my problem is the syllabus is massive so hard to remember it all. One video the lecturer points out that one section if in past paper is never repeated twice in a row so tips like this be handy. So with ten days left any chapters you think are vital to know inside out as hard to learn all 17.

    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      Let’s be realistic about this – there really is not a lot in either employment law nor agency law. A dedicated student could read ALL the past exam questions and answers in both topics in less than a day and the examiner has a habit of repeating questions in these areas.

      I feel no guilt when I expect you to do your own work in these areas

  11. avatar says

    great corporate and business law lectures in english version and it is very interested. The english laws are used in many countries and i am excited to be a part of this course. are these lectures reliable along with text book for a pass as acca exams is a challenge to pass?

  12. Profile photo of zuhayrg says

    @ Mr Mike.

    In the course notes i can see the small , fast and multi tracks systems dealing with claims 5,000 , 5000-15000 n > 15000 respectively.

    However , in the June 2013 session there was 1 question on these. The ans given by the examiner was 5000, 5000 – 25000 , > 25000 .

    why this change.?

    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      Apparently the de minimis limits have increased through he process of inflation. I would be inclined to believe the study text in this area. Those of you reading this …. DO NOT PANIC!!!! Pass / fail will not be determined by your knowledge of the up-to-date $ values applicable to small, fast and multi-track courts!

  13. avatar says

    Hello dear friends.
    I wonder if anyone can let me know the difference btn ACCA F4 Eng variant and Glo variant so that I can decide which one to apply in my exam entery ASAP?
    I also wonder if there is any way to download these lectures as I found those relating to F1, F2 and F3 really helpfull in passing them all first time:-)

    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      Diana – it’s available for you to find the differences and similarities of the two variants. You could download the latest exams for both variants and compare. In that way, you’ll see that they are exactly the same for between 50% and 70% of the exams.

      You could also download the syllabuses from the ACCA website. Again, a comparison exercise will give you a pretty good indication of differences and similarities

    • avatar says

      Hi Diana You stated that you found the lectures very helpful in passing F1, F2 AND F3 and you were able to pass these three papers first time. First of all heartiest congratulations for passing. Would you kindly apprise me as to whether you studied other materials along with these lectures as well or just studied these lectures, went through the exams and passed? Awaiting you reply, please. Thanks you

  14. avatar says

    Good morning everyone! :-)
    New person here. Hope all of you are enjoying the sunshine.
    I am trying to download a lecture and every time I click on it, it will tell me to install a Video Download Converter. When I click install, it will tell me to click on “Run” below. I go down and nothing. My computer plays movies already, do I really need to download a converter? Anyway I can download without installing the converter?

    Thanks for any help in advance.

  15. avatar says

    Hi… I see perfectly the lectures on my pc and on my laptop… but for the next 2 months I will leave the country for work, and I want to study in the evenings after finish work, so in the hotel I will have WIFI.. but I am using the company laptop… and when I play your videos in the company laptop the screen comes pixelated… I reckon it is a security issue for them, as I cant install things and my connections are encoded, but, is there any way I could watch them… anybody had the same problem??

  16. avatar says

    Hi Mike… I love the way you teach!!

    I am presenting to exam F4 (Irish Variant) and I am following your videos…Obviously, Irish law derives from English law and I can see that in some cases we use the same names,altough in others, the Irish law applies here their own ones… It will be any problem if I write your cases instead of the Irish ones to the answers in the exams??


    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      @azdodo, You need to check the two syllabuses – Global and English. These lectures are directed at the English F4 variant but there is quite a large overlap between English and Global. Typically the similarities account for 50% – 60% on the F4 exam.

      Check it for yourself by downloading the two different versions for a recent exam and compare them

  17. Profile photo of adejumolu says

    Hello Admin,
    Open tuition is really doing great. The style of lecturing is superb and comprehensible even to the average mind. God bless you good people. I am sitting for F4 in June, 2013. Can i start listening to the lectures now or are there any arrangements for any additions to the lectures already available online? Kindly advice me because i want to start my preparations early. Thank you.

    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      @stonker, Number 1 – I’m pretty sure that David Kelly is not likely to ask any question which involves you knowing the name of Prince Charles wife

      Number 2 – I don’t know if you have heard but Princess Diana was killed a number of years ago – 1997 in fact – in a car accident in France. Since then Prince Charles has re-married a divorced lady called Camilla Parker-Bowles.

      But I’m pretty sure that this will not be relevant to your exams and it’s not included within mt tips for the forthcoming F4 exam

    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      @ssranji, Past paper questions are an excellent idea. Have you tried listening to the audio / video lectures? If you listen to them enough times, you’ll be able to “sing along” with the lecturer.

      If that’s too much for you then, yes, get stuck well into the past exams.

  18. avatar says

    is opentuition notes enough for exam preparation?
    can i rely only on them because f4 is very extensive. i feel these points are enough for paper as shown in chapter1. no need for any further book? am i right .guide me plz

    • avatar says


      Hi. My name is Anjorin, and I am taking this December diet in F4 and F5 in Nigeria, West Africa.

      I don’t have a study group yet; if you do, can I join your group?

      Kindly reply at your earliest convenience please.


      Lagos, Nigeria

      • avatar says

        @admin, problem sorted =] the virgin super hub that routes for the house has a option for “Filter Popup Windows [X] Enable”. (If anybody else has a super hub its under advanced -> services)

        If anybody has similar problems it may be a good idea to check firewall settings on their routers and computers.

        <— the pop up blocker prevented only that from being included in the source. I'm not sure why.

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      Lectures are not downloadable,
      That’s the only way we can provide them free, if people would start downloading – we close down the site and no new lectures!

      BUT you can watch on line, as many times as you wish

      • Profile photo of feiza1 says

        Ot we know that this lectures are not downloadable and we appreciate your work we have free course note and even past papers that we can download, we love this site so please don’t ever think of closing it.

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