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      No, there aren’t any! It’s a short chapter, there are 10 or so questions in a revision kit. Read through those questions and their answers three of four times and you have as much as you are likely to need for the F4 exam

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    hadley baxendale. windmill owner i feel should win. He has paid someone to go immediatley and get part fixed, if that person messes about for 3 weeks I feel damages should be paid. Just because most windmill owners keep a spare part i think is irrelevant. Finding it tough these as often disagree, seems only 20% is black and white and you have a massive middle of 80% grey areas in these when law says something but we can chuck in a golden rule or a mischeif rule if we want but sometimes we dont. Looking forward to using numbers again with clear answers.

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    Case White V MacGregor seems very unfair. I mean it was an employee who accidentally said “yes” and that too on the phone and more importantly, the owner himself informed the contractor that he’ll not go ahead with this agreement. According to me he has revoked the contract well beforehand and White has not even had the time to even spend anything in terms of materials or labour.These were not taken into consederation by the court? Thank you

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