1. avatar says

    hi thanks for video lecture find it very interesting.

    you had an example where company T can lend to Miss U. Also company U can lend to Mr T but the law states that only one of these things can happen, it is illegal for both of these things to take place.

    To get round this law cant they get a third company ‘company Y’. So company T lends to miss U but now company U lends to Mr Y and company Y lends to Mr T?

    • Profile photo of MikeLittle says

      No, because that would simply be described by the Courts (should they find out) as a scam – not a scheme – it’s a scam or sham.

      Paul, may I suggest that, instead of trying to find ways of bending the rules, you concentrate on how the rules are intended to apply.

      When you’re qualified, that’s the time to see what loopholes you could exploit

  2. Profile photo of shahz20 says

    i wish i could steal your brain just for the 10th june 😀 Mr. Hike , I am finding it hard to grasp the names of the cases. Majorly because I am really bad at remembering names

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