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I attempted 75% of the F6 exam, left out Q2 but very happy that I scored 65%. Thanks open tuition. Big Respect for the teachers on open tuition

Ben Lake

Opentuition's online lectures provide a substitute for paid couses for students like myself who do not have the cash to undertake taught courses.
The standard of online lectures and learning materials is very high. The site is adding new resources, such as online flashcards, that are excellent learning aids.

Henrietta Csepe

As I have recently become an ACCA affiliate, I would like to express my appreciation to all of you for creating this site and giving access to it to all the students out there for FREE. I'd mostly prepared for exams at home without the help of a college, but since I could rely on Opentuition I didn't really feel the need to pay huge course fees (which I couldn't have afforded anyway).
All your uploaded lectures and notes are extremely helpful, thorough and easy to understand. The lecturers have a vast amount of knowledge on the papers; they give clear explanations and examples and lighten up these difficult papers with little jokes, so I enjoyed watching/ listening to the videos.
I surely can say that the support I got from this site was a great value and help in passing my exams. I’ve been studying with you for 4 years from paper F1 to P5, passing most of my exams at the first time.
I thank you very, very much for your hard work putting this site together, keeping it updated and for sharing it for free. I thought I should let you know how I felt, as you deserve a lot of credit for my achievements.
Very best of luck to you all in the future and keep up this brilliant site for all the future accountants.

A grateful student

Mohamed Fazil

Awesome resources... on a personal note, helped me to get through many of my ACCA examinations.. and on top of all.. all this for free... my heartfelt gratitude the admins... Opentuition really deserves this award...!!!

Mike Little gives clear & concise notes.. good explanations....!!!


F9 tutor makes this paper very very interesting. Thank you very much to opentuition.Claude

Geoff Cordwell – a former ACCA F5 examiner:

Open Tuition is a fabulous resource, giving free access to top quality learning materials, reflecting an exemplary attitude of the donors and the organisers’ of the Open Tuition website. I wish it and the students that use it every success.

Specially for OpenTuition, Geoff Cordwell (Former ACCA F5 Examiner)
shares first chapter of his book “Understanding Performance Management”

You can download Chapter 1: “Financial and non-financial performance management” here >>

Professor Bob Ryan – a former examiner

Congratulations on an truly excellent site for accounting students. I have read the comments on P4 with great interest and sometimes amusement and I hope the next examiner will do the same. I believe that examiners should be more open with students and willing to listen to what they say. What has been a great pleasure is the surprise that many students expressed when against all expectations they have passed. I know P4 is a big challenge for students but more and more are coming to terms with it. I hope that continues and again many congratulations on the considerable service you provide to many students who I know have little resources but great determination.