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Barbara Hall-Barnett

Open tuition offers clear , precise notes as well as very informative and helpful video presentations. Good job Open tuition!!!!!!!!!

John Moffat
He’s pretty good overall , in terms of his delivery of the subject material as well as his tips and his humour.

James Millo

OpenTuition is committed to providing accounting resources to students from all over the globe. In a way, OpenTuition is an "Open-Online-University" that can be freely accessed by accounting students all over the globe. By offering free services OpenTuition avails much needed tutoring to accounting students irrespective of their economic background. This is of crucial value to students like me who come from the developing world and as such cannot afford to pay tuition fees to the more expensive options that are available online. The study material that OpenTuition offers as well as its forums have helped me to complete all but three of my ACCA exams. I have just sat for the remaining three exams and I do look forward to the results thanks to OT.

It is my humble view that OpenTuition is very accessible and given that it is a free site for Part Qualified accounnts I can but just applaude the wonderful job that opentuition does

Assra Aqeel

This is the student resource because everything is FREE. I cherish this FREE opportunity of learning resource provided by Opentuition.com.Mindblowing job done by OT's teachers who assist around the clock to any queries.
An excellent wesbite for all students who are doing self study.It's the most precious gift for ACCA student.


Wanna say thank a lots to open tuition.
I studied ACCA and paid the expensive course fee and didn’t understand very well.
Now coz of opentuition i realised more abt the accounting.

Cathrine Chatambudza

I have just started using open tuition. I'm so impressed with the way the lectures are presented and the manner in which the tutors explain important concepts .I believe I will excel in my two papers .I intent to write June.Thank you open tuition for your time and dedication.

Geoff Cordwell – a former ACCA F5 examiner:

Open Tuition is a fabulous resource, giving free access to top quality learning materials, reflecting an exemplary attitude of the donors and the organisers’ of the Open Tuition website. I wish it and the students that use it every success.

Specially for OpenTuition, Geoff Cordwell (Former ACCA F5 Examiner)
shares first chapter of his book “Understanding Performance Management”

You can download Chapter 1: “Financial and non-financial performance management” here >>

Professor Bob Ryan – a former examiner

Congratulations on an truly excellent site for accounting students. I have read the comments on P4 with great interest and sometimes amusement and I hope the next examiner will do the same. I believe that examiners should be more open with students and willing to listen to what they say. What has been a great pleasure is the surprise that many students expressed when against all expectations they have passed. I know P4 is a big challenge for students but more and more are coming to terms with it. I hope that continues and again many congratulations on the considerable service you provide to many students who I know have little resources but great determination.