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Open Tuition notes are just tailored and best fit for your exam success if you have a hectic life and busy work schedule. Indeed for my final papers I just manage on my own with open tuition notes. Now I’m an affiliate and fortunately am applying for my immediate membership. Long live open-tuition and will always remember open tuition. Sincere thanks to the team of open tuition -who are just doing awesome jobs, where thousand of students world-wide relying on these precious lectures. Once again thanks open-tuition.

Niyi Oludipe

Open Tuition offers insightful and high quality materials to thousands of accountancy students worldwide-free of charge. Not only are the lectures easy to understand, they are presented in a very interesting manner making learning so much fun. Apart from the lectures, there are many other useful resources provided including forums, direct links to technical articles,revision,tutorials etc.

OpenTuition is the Best ,because the site focuses on the core elements of each subject,cutting out uneccessary verbiage and homing in on key concepts. This proves very useful for revision and single focus on only those things that are important.

Mike Little lectures for F4 were simply hilarious!He included a lot of anecdotes and jokes to embellish his teachings whilst ensuring the required understanding and learning is achieved on each topic.


BIG THANKS to Open Tuition for the great work the team is doing. I started with Open Tuition since Last exam in June 2013, I followed Mr Moffat Lectures. Many Thanks to him I appreciate his lectures and I became more interested in the subject with his explanations, I want to say A BIG THANK YOU

Fumilayo Leonard Jones

OpenTuition is the only place i know of where i have been able to get all the materials i need free of charge. Indeed it is true that praises and commendation must be given where it is due. In cases where the notes have been difficult to understand the video lectures have provided a much needed complement to solve the problems i face. For now it is the only source from which i am getting all the materials i know will help me succeed in my ACCA. Thus there is no better way by which i can say thank you for the invaluable resources i have at my disposal but to nominate the website for this prestigious award


OpenTuition is a very great resource website which provide vast information to Acca / fia students. Most importantly, it is very reliable and FREE of charges. It is only website i found it no need spend a penny to get the valuable resources. As for me, poor student hardly get any tuition / learning material from elsewhere. So i think i'll keep relying OpenTuition until i completed all papers.

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Geoff Cordwell – a former ACCA F5 examiner:

Open Tuition is a fabulous resource, giving free access to top quality learning materials, reflecting an exemplary attitude of the donors and the organisers’ of the Open Tuition website. I wish it and the students that use it every success.

Specially for OpenTuition, Geoff Cordwell (Former ACCA F5 Examiner)
shares first chapter of his book “Understanding Performance Management”

You can download Chapter 1: “Financial and non-financial performance management” here >>

Professor Bob Ryan – a former examiner

Congratulations on an truly excellent site for accounting students. I have read the comments on P4 with great interest and sometimes amusement and I hope the next examiner will do the same. I believe that examiners should be more open with students and willing to listen to what they say. What has been a great pleasure is the surprise that many students expressed when against all expectations they have passed. I know P4 is a big challenge for students but more and more are coming to terms with it. I hope that continues and again many congratulations on the considerable service you provide to many students who I know have little resources but great determination.