3 March 2008 Press release

Introducing new service!

3 March 2008

Introducing new service! Easy to use, interactive tutorials for AAT students and others wishing to study basic accounting

Whether you are new to accountancy, or already studying, we are please to introduce new service for you. From today, on our site, there are available free interactive tutorials for students preparing for AAT (Certificate in Accounting)


Our online learning modules are the perfect assistance for AAT students. Initially, the tutorials cover the AAT Certificate in Accounting level of the Diploma pathway. Module 30 is available immediately.


OpenTuition materials are excellent as a learning support tool alongside traditional courses, provide also great opportunity for students by open or distance learning, allowing students to study at a time and place that is convenient to them and fits around their lifestyles.



Key features include:

  • An audio commentary for each section accompanied by the full written text and graphical examples, e.g. of documents being discussed.
  • Interactive questions for each section to reinforce learning – both multiple choice and practical exercises.
  • The opportunity to move backwards and forwards through all the material and repeat the tutorial and the questions as many times as required.

The flexible nature and high-quality resources deliver a valuable new online dimension to delivering the AAT Certificate in Accounting.


AAT (The Association of Accounting Technicians) is an accountancy organisation with over 108,000 members worldwide. The AAT is a technician level qualification which entitles those who have completed the exams and obtained relevant supervised work experience to call themselves associate accounting technicians. The AAT is based in London but there are branches all over the UK and the rest of the world.


OpenTuition.com is a free accountancy tuition provider on line. Dedicated to accountancy students worldwide. Providing high quality study materials, believing that your success in our success!