Interview with Meysam, Genius Hunt winner for Paper F2

Question: Can you tell us more about yourself?

I am Meysam Mahdinia, 29 years, from Iran. I am married and have a child. I work in a private company as a Financial Manager and have worked in the financial department for 9 years. I didn’t go to university so it’s my plan to obtain the Oxford Brookes University’s BSc in Applied Accounting.

Many students are working just like you, how do you balance between studying, job and private life?
Unfortunately, my working and studying both affect on my private life because of that working in the Accounting field is a very time-consuming job in Iran, nothing is routine, nothing remains sorted… However, it’s necessary to say that i never could have done my best without support of my wife and her magnanimity.

Do you get support from your firm? Like time off work or do they pay for your tuition etc?
No support.

Which Study Texts and/or Revision Kits did you use, or find most useful in your studies?
BPP, KAPLAN, Emile Woolf. I think it’s better to combine them to study and practice all the questions of this books. Actually, my slogan of study is “Never neglect any questions”, each question includes at least a point that could make at least one mark in exam and even in life, to pass and even to get the top score

You have scored such high marks, many students must wonder what is your study technique?
I never memorise information in my mind, I always try to analyse them and understand the relationship between the principles of subjects. My other slogan of study is “Try to analyse subjects rather than memorise them”.

What do you think was the most important factor in your success in your ACCA exams?
In fact, there are several important factors and each of them is most important!!!
– Analysing and understanding the subjects instead of memorising them,
– Practicing very hard,
– Applying all subjects in a real manner.

 How did you find out about OpenTuition and how much do you think OpenTuition resources helped towards your success?
Honestly, I didn’t use the resources of OpenTuition for this session.


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