Interview with June 2010 F8 Genius Hunt winner Anna Hambardzumyan

Can you tell us more about yourself?

I am from Armenia, 28 years old. I am married and have a 4 year-old daughter. I worked as a financial analyst for a group of companies corporate center for nearly a year till March 2010 when the company ceased its operations. Since then I am unemployed.

Now I am going to take the F6 paper in order to complete the fundamental level.

Are you studying full time or distance learning or simply by yourself with the books?

I study ACCA in an approved center. It takes us 2 months for studying a paper: 1 month for the study text and a month for the revision. Lessons are organized twice a week and last for 2.5-3 hours. So I can say that it’s quite easy to combine study, work and private life.

Which Study Texts and/or Revision Kits did you use?

I usually use BPP books.

What do you think was the most important factor in your success in your ACCA exams?

I worked hard for 20 days before the exam. I covered the whole syllabus and did a lot of exam practice.

I feel comfortable when I manage to read the study text for 2 times especially if the subject is mostly discussion (theoretical) and to solve the revision kit questions twice. I think that it is extremely important to do past exam papers also, as you get more familiar with the manner of exam questions.

The most important factor in my success was attempting all the questions and the time management. If I feel that something is going wrong I try not to stuck to the question but to continue and come back at the end when I have free time.

There is always a surprise at the exam and at first I think that I don’t know anything about the question. But the success factor is not to panic and to concentrate on the question – point by point. Even if I don’t know the exact answer I always write something near to the point and it always works. It is better to write something than nothing at all.

How did you find out about OpenTuition?

I found OpenTuition on the web just by searching some articles.

How much do you think OpenTuition resources helped towards your success

To be frank I found OpenTuition by the end of my study and actually I didn’t have time to use them. But now I know about resources and will use them for my next exams.

What is your ambition after you qualify?

We have an accountancy firm with my husband and I hope to start audit practice as well after I qualify.

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