Interview with June 2010 F5 Genius Hunt winner Stuart Mills

Can you tell us more about yourself ?

I live in Essex and work full time at Clinton cards head office as finance manager, I have worked there for 5 1/2 years, I self study for the ACCA and am currently on the fundamentals level with only f9 to conquer.

Many opentuition users are working  just like you, how do you balance between studying, job and private life?

I work 9-5:30 but try to study for a bit at lunch as I feel the more I do then the less I have to do in my free time :) other then that I study mon, tues and thurs for about one and a half hours and then some at weekends, the closer the exams are the more I do. I try to balance social life, work and my own time but it can be hard as it feels there is not enough hours in the day so sometimes my social life suffers.

Do you get support from your fIrm? LIke tIme off work or do they pay for your tuItIon etc?

Work sponsor me but as I work in Essex and the nearest tuition is in london I choose to self study, but they pay for my books. they also pay for the exam and give two days study and a day for the exam per paper (only on the first sitting)

How did you find out about OpenTuition?

I heard about open tuition from a friend who recommended it as it was free so I gave it a go.

OpenTuition did help towards my success, as I used the site to cement my understands and to make sure I didn`t miss anything off the syllabus.

One thing I would say is that although the lectures are detailed and informative, they are a little long and the speech seems a little slow and boring. if the lectures were maybe compressed a little and the person spoke with a little more energy this may help.

What is your ambition after you qualify?

my ambition after I qualify would be to either start my own practise or maybe get an FD role in a large plc company….




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