Interview with Genius Hunt finalist in Paper F3 Ioseb Garsevanishvili “joseph89”

Can you tell us more about yourself?

I am Ioseb Garsevanishvili, 21 years old, from Georgia. I started studying at ACCA this summer and F3 was my first book, also worth mentioning that it was the first course in my life that I took in english, so it was very  challenging for me and I am really glad that the work I performed had a good result.

Which Study Texts and/or Revision Kits did you use, or find most useful in your studies?

I used both BPP and KAPLAN study texts and revision kits, also I used OpenTuition notes. The revision kits were equally useful to me but as for study kit Kaplan’s book was more suitable to me as it was written in more easily understandable way.

You have scored such high marks, many students must wonder what is your study technique?

My study technique is very straightforward , I just worked very hard.

What do you think was the most important factor in your success in your ACCA exams?

As said above I was studying very hard, and I have done every single test I was able to find including every past exam tests and I think that it was the main reason of my success.

How did you find out about OpenTuition and how much do you think OpenTuition resources helped towards your success.

I found it while searching for some advice in F3. The Opentuition notes were helpful but the main help was from forum, because almost every my question was answered and also answering others question was a good practice so thank you for having such a good website.

Thank you for your time



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