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      It is meaningless because it is impossible.

      (Just think, how on earth could the average time per unit be zero – unless the time for the first unit (and all subsequent units) was zero!!)

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      As is made very clear in the introduction paragraph to the Course Notes, you will not be asked for calculations on regression or on time series. (The calculations are examined in Paper F2)

      You are only expected to know the principles. I have only left the calculations in the notes (and lectures) to hopefully make the idea more clear.

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      Time series and regression analysis are assumed knowledge from Paper F2. The examiner has said that there will not be detailed calculations on either, but you are expected to be aware of both.
      (If you look at the course notes, it actually says this in bold letters. We update our notes every six months and everything in our notes is relevant for the December 2013 exams)

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      Time series are unlikely to be asked, but they are assumed knowledge from Paper F2. You will certainly not be asked for calculations, but you can be expected to know what time series are.

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    Urgent help plzzz tomorrow i have my F5 paper …
    In learning curve the formula method how do find values of the logs ??
    will i be given log table ??? or should i carry my own ?? or am i allowed to use scientific calculator ?

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      @safwandeshmukh, You are not given log tables and you cannot take your own. But you are allowed to use a scientific calculator.

      However, almost certainly you will be given the value of b if learning curves are asked.
      (but you will still need a scientific calculator to calculate y = ax^b )

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    I am working Question 3 on Past Paper Dec 2008. When I calculate the time it takes to fit 199 kitchens using the method provided by OpenTuition, I am arriving at a different answer from the examiner. Could anyone shed some light on this?

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    Awesome lecture….the only problem i’m facing is once the lecture is almost in it’s last part, it gets back to the beginning!!!
    Reached the part where the lecturer was teaching how to calcuate “LOG R” and then the video gets back to beginning….What’s that suppose to be???Any idea!!!

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