Learning Curves

Learning curves: please note that this lecture relates to Chapter 12 of the Course Notes (and not Chapter 11 as stated in the lecture)

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  1. avatar says

    Thanks John Moffat for the lecture, is well explained. However, I have one small problem, I wish to know the difference between total time for the next 7 and total time for 7. In example 6 you calculated total time for the next 7 and got 237.5 and I tried to calculate total time for 7 using the formular I got 312.22 . I was hoping to get 237.5. So i was wondering if they don’t mean thesame thing.

    • Profile photo of John Moffat says

      When it says the next 7 it means another 7 after the one already produced – so it bring the total up to 8.

      So to get the time for the next 7 you need to calculate the total time for 8 and then subtract the time it took for the first one.

      • avatar says

        Dear John,
        Thanks for the prompt reply to my question. It is now understood.Thanks once more for the excellent lectures you are giving in this site.

  2. avatar says

    In the last part of the question where the total time for the 30 batches was calculated, why was the average time of 90.80 multiplied by 30 to get 2,724?
    I thought the average time of 90.08 which was calculated for the 30 batches would have been used.

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