AAT Unit 31 Accounting Work Skills Tutorials

AAT Unit 31 Accounting Work Skills is concerned with presenting financial information and reports for internal and external use, operating a computerised accounting system and performing effectively in the work place. This Unit is assessed by means of a skills test.

Element 1 Present Financial Date for Internal and External Use


1A: Management accounting

1B: Accounting for costs

1C: Performance indicators – Prelim

1C: Performance indicators

1D: Time series

1E: Charts and graphs

1F: Internal reporting

1G: Consolidating information

1H: External reporting

1I: Introduction to VAT

1J: Processing VAT entries

1K: The VAT return

Element 1 Assessment Information

Element 2 Computerised Accounting

2A: Computer systems and software

2B: Security of IT systems

2C: Using a spreadsheet

2D-2H Using an accounting package

2D: Using an accounting package 1

2E: Using an accounting package 2

2F: Using an accounting package 3

2G: Using an accounting package 4

2H: Using an accounting package 5

Supplemental sections

2I: Using a word processing package

2J: Using an email package

Element 2 Assessment Information

Element 3 Performing effectively in the workplace

Introduction to Element 3

3.1: Planning, prioritising and monitoring work tasks

3.2 Working with others

3.2A: Introduction

3.2B: Team working

3.2C: Communication and resolving conflict

3.2D: Equal opportunities

3.3: Personal effectiveness and development

3.3: Personal effectiveness and development

3.4: Health, safety and security in the workplace

3.4A: Introduction

3.4B: Health and safety legislation

3.4C: Fire and emergency procedures

3.4D: Hazards

3.4E: Accidents and illness

3.4F: Workplace security

Element 3 – Assessment Information