ACCA Tuition Providers

You are allowed to use our course notes (with the OpenTuition watermark logo – in the same format as on this site) in your college FREE of charge.

However you are strictly prohibited from changing the notes, or from selling or profiting in any way from OpenTuition notes without our licence.

OpenLicense (Custom made Study Materials)

We think it is one of the most exciting ways that we can cooperate with you! Our study materials are excellent (you can examine them for yourself).

We offer them free on line to all students, but they are also available for use by you in your Tuition Center under our OpenLicence.

What is our OpenLicense?

Our course materials are available under OpenLicense for you as a Tuition Provider for only 100Euros (per paper).

With our OpenLicense you can use the course notes freely as your own material,  print and share or sell them at your wish for any number of students.

We will tailor our course notes to include your logo, name and contact details.

Please note: The OpenLicense is valid only for printed materials.

You are not allowed to share or the sell electronic version! Only OpenTuition has the right to freely distribute electronic course notes only!

Contact us if you have any questions or order OpenTuition Course notes for your college today