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    Hi all,
    I am going to sit June 2012 session for P1, will have BPP textbook & Kaplan exam kit as self-study materials. Please advise if it is ok to pass P1 by self-study.

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    Hi ,
    yes you can manage to prepare well enough to pass this paper by doing self studies.
    Simply keep in mind that it’s a P level paper and very real world oriented,
    so read business newspapers and get relevant examples from real life. It will increase your chances to pass.
    good luck

    Eloy Jackson

    sure i will try this too


    Hi Ansi, thank you for your advice, I will try to do so.


    Hi Yosoykaren, I am sitting P1 in June and I am studying with BPP text book as well, we can probably study together. I am revising chapter 1 to 3, so if you have any question please let me know I might be able to help you. I also speak Spanish if that is any help.


    Thanks Ansi for the advice-will try to do so


    Hi carohbs, thanks for your kindness.
    I am revising Ch.9 now, but seems have no confidence to pass the exam while it is approaching.
    Is this your first attempt?
    (By the way, I am in Hong Kong)

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    hi yosoykaren,

    just a suggestion, if you still think you’re not confident enough to pass the paper, then stop right there.. don’t go on about revising/reading further chapters cause it would not help you, infact would become more messy..
    Relax and then analyse what is the problem? Are you not getting the concepts or you’re just reading the book for the sake of it? once you find out the problem, you’ll be able to grasp the concepts and infact would be confident enough to pass the paper, any paper. Start from the beginning with a clear head, you still have plenty of time, just realx and focus.

    All the very best….

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    Hai yoso,

    How’s your preparation with self study? I’ve gone through all the audio lectures and study notes.I came up with a mindmap design on the whole subject help me understand it better.

    Do u have any mock exam paper to share?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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