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    What is the difference between CSR and Corporate citizenship?
    Thanks a lot

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    Hi, I would say that CSR = the expectations placed by society on the Company (Carroll’s 4-stage model) while Corporate Citizenship = the Company clearly stating its capacity towards its social responsibility (the 3 views).

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    CSR refers to the organisation considering and managing its impact on a variety of stakeholders.In order to do this it must satisfy the 4 components of Carrol (i.e. Economic-satisfying shareholders, Legal, Ethical and Philanthropic).

    Corporate citizenship is very similar to individual citizenship i.e. both have rights and responsibilities. For example a company has the right to operate and to trade freely within the limits of the law. It has the right to be present in society. The public shouldn’t stop this. In regards responsibilities they have a duty to uphold the norms of society, pay taxes, not block freedom of speech etc…

    So if the Equivalent view of Corporate Citizenship is taken then it simply means fulfillment of CSR. However if the extended view is taken then it takes Carrol’s criteria further and says that as a corporate citizen a company must not only act ethically, make donations, act legally but must recognize its responsibilities on a wider level.

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