Should students who failed their ACCA exam be allowed to retake it 1 month later?

Here are the results of the poll, you can still post your comments below, if students should be allowed to retake ACCA exam 1 month later? We will forward them to the ACCA

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  1. avatar says

    Disagree with mostly everyone. They definitely should not be allowed to do it 1 month after failing. ACCA is supposed to be extremely difficult to pass and therefore only people who are capable of carrying out the job will do so! If you let people sit them 1 month after (so much easier to pass) then the numbers of qualified members will fly through the roof. Thereby tarnishing the reuptation of the qualification, thereby making it harder for you lot to find a job.

    • Avatar of admin says

      @mcwilliams, Hi there :)

      Not that I care, but you do realize, that there are students who do not work.. they study ACCA at universities,,, so Why should they have the benefit? compared to those students who work / have families to look after and study ….

      I think there are and should be better criteria for measuring students performance! in fact there are, 3 hours exam and ACCA can test the entire syllabus!
      so fair exams to begin with..

      I sense, in some comments here (not necessarily yours..)
      that some people are scared of competition.. flooding the market.. but I think, that attitude will change, it’s all good when it’s a pass ..
      it’s different when one fails…

      You do not want ACCA end up like one of those ‘local’ qualifications in corrupted countries – they set exams so hard that hardly anyone can pass, because they want to keep the benefits of it to themselves!

    • Avatar of lewist says

      @mcwilliams, some of those who pass can’t even do the job,because they memorized the whole thing for the sake of passing but don’t actually understand why they are doing what they are doing in other words they don’t even believe in what they are saying but that is what is required to make them pass, so they write it and after the transcript it’s all down the drain. extremely difficult!? you make it sound like the military, ACCA is not difficult it is merely challenging. why are you so concerned about “the job market”, from what i see ACCA is fairly able to equip you such that you can run your own business, I for one am not studying so that i can get a job and hopefully by the time i finish there will be some with the same initiative so that instead of flooding the job market we create a job market. as for credibility, if you can jump over a six meter fence, it will remain a six meter fence even if you jump over it a thousand times. if you are scared of the dark, you will still be scared the next time and the next unless you find a solution so we are saying we are saying we don’t want to wait for dawn to cross the jungle of opportunity, i tripped and i fell but i’m willing to get up and move on not camp in the middle of nowhere waiting for dawn. despite the traffic jam you still buy cars so why not resit exams.

  2. avatar says

    i think they should definitely be allowed to resit after a month when the knowledge grasped is still fresh in their minds and when they are certain about where they went wrong.its the ideal time to have a second chance other than having to wait for 6 months..

    • avatarpeekaboa says

      @thefinancier, and how do you justify for those who worked so hard and passed on first attempt, and those mediocre could have second chances and still graduate the same time as the outstanding ones?

  3. avatar says

    Yes, definitely!

    CIMA students have been allowed to do this for the last few years, and if ACCA and CIMA are considered equal by employers, then I don’t see why we should not be offer the possibility to retake exams within the 6 months period. Otherwise, what is stopping us from moving to CIMA?

    I know for a fact that this helps, so given this possibility would be great in helping us get qualified in a more reasonable period of time and moving on with our lives.
    I think that we should all, besides voting and commenting, contact ACCA and pressure them into taking this decision. It is not fair that someone fails the last exam by 48% or 49% and then they wait for half a year to retake and by that time forget everything.
    Let’s force them into this decision people!

  4. avatar says

    Thanks OT for the poll, Doing an exam one month after does not seem to be realistic given the pressure from the completed exams. One has to be patient and prepare for the exam so as not to do it in hurry and u end up failing again

  5. avatar says

    another attempt may not necessarily guarantee a pass. don’t be surprised that some results will even be far worse than previous attempt, because of the rush!
    With increased time pressure on even the examiner( technical articles, organizing the teams, making reports…..) the idea may end up yielding less sweeter fruits!
    But of course with super extra charges(may be double or even thrice the already sky rocketing normal fees), ACCA may be willing to put this as an option.

    To my view tough, let’s be patient and probably dream of the time CBE option will be available for the rest of ACCA levels. Otherwise, thanks admin for such a great view.

  6. avatar says

    I have had my ups and downs with the exams but everytime you fall you got to pick yourself up. It is a great filling when you finally get one up on a given module. You earn it, its not given to you. Keep it as it is, ACCA should not be made easy, thus why we chose it not CIMA{no disrespect}. Have you seen how GCSEs in this country have been made so easy, that kids cant carry out a challenging task in the longrun? Let ACCA tough you put! Before we consider this one month thing think about all those finalists that made it through by waiting 6months when things did not work out and passed eventually…wont they feel insulted? why make it easy for others and tough for others. ACCA is clearly a level palying field. By the way i failed p3 last siting and i am going to pass, when the time is right not when acca does me a favour, like do it in a month after a fail. My opinion and i dont expect it to be popular.

  7. avatar says

    Its good if they can appear in a month time. They have been recently appeared and they can address their weaknesses in this time period due to which they couldn’t pass the exam. If its possible to appear in one month, its a great favour to students.

  8. avatar says

    Yes but not in one month time because it could take some time for some students to come out of a depressing situation but certainly if exams could be held more than twice a year, that would be helpful but I don’t think ACCA would be that kind to be setting more than 2 papers for a year but if they do, it would be most helpful.

  9. avatar says

    For those who are advocating for this, I must beg to differ. If this 1 month re-sit is anything like supplementary exams for those who missed the final exams in University, they will be structured to be harder. I believe most who failed lack the understanding and comprehensive ability to tackle questions in exams, one month might not be sufficient to garner these skills. With these in mind, the possibility of a higher failure rate in these re-sit papers are not that far-fetched especially for the professional papers.

  10. Avatar of sajjad110 says

    I would say YES ! ..
    because it is not only good for students but for ACCA also , as it makes a positive point for them.
    As student see that they can resit for a particular paper they failed, right after a month after the result, they think it positive point and wish to join ACCA .. because i think no other qualification offers this package…
    If ACCA thinks it will be costly for them , then they can set a fee more than a normal fee, this is how it may compensate.

  11. avatar says

    @monalisa i also agree with ur opinion……….waiting for six months is too long….to reappear in failed exam one month and to appear in other exams 4 months are enough…paying the subscription fees for two sittings only is also disheartening…there are many people who need financial support and they are waiting for atleast some of there papers to finish so they can start their jobs, for them waiting is really discouraging…it will be beneficial for the students…thankyou opentuition for raising this question…i hope ACCA does something about it

  12. avatar says

    hello, all of u (including me) who thinks exam technique should be changed, should also consider that its not easy for such a huge organization like ACCA.
    Consider if they think about it, what will happen.
    1st, we get exam results after two months and in these two months until we are not sure which subject we are going to take in next session e.g. i went on F7, F8 ,F9 exams Dec.I was thinking I won’t pass F7 And will pass F8 for sure .I started studying F7 .But i got passed in F7 and failed in F8. So two months have been Wasted.
    Now think if they arrange for retake they will have to arrange it in all the exam centres (at least two exam centres) in each country . They will employ more staff , more fees will be charged,may be double than it is now .
    Besides this consider we go to exams in Dec two months (Jan, Feb) have already been wasted (as mentioned above).
    We will study one month ( march) go to exam in say end of march.we will get results in May (In two months). And after the exams we will have two months for June exams (and we are not sure we have passed the last exams or not), AND we can just prepare for one exam in two months time .
    So where is the time efficiency and what’s the benefit.

    • Avatar of admin says

      Totally valid points

      It is not my place, but how I would imagine it would work though,
      only for students with 45-49% marks
      and only 1 paper allowed to be sat.
      Exam 3-4 weeks after the exam results (so All papers would be set in one day)

      and because the number of students would be a lot smaller.. around 10% – maximum 30% only, of all students who would re-sit the exam.. ACCA should be able to mark all those scripts easily within 1 month :)
      if they can mark 363,000 exams in 2 months,.. it seems like 2 weeks would be enough for 50,000 scripts :)

      (I am not for or against it. just giving you perspective! :)

  13. Avatar of ricia says

    Some restructuring ought to be done. I agree with a previous comment that more examination sittings should be held during the year, e.g. CGA has multiple sittings I believe every 3 months where coursework is submitted during the period of study. Thus students are gaining marks before the final examination. ACCA can adopt a similar approach to the number of exam sittings ( every 4 months) will be adequate. Also, I do agree persons should be allowed to resit their papers 1 month after the date of posting results. Six months is along time to wait especially when you are resitting your final paper.

  14. Avatar of tauraiversatile says

    I vehemently agree with this idea because it even helps those who do not hold any other qualification to be quickly recognised on the market. We need to get going and providing this chance keeps students focused and really makes the carrier enjoyable. Paying subscription for only a maximum of two seats a year is even disheartening, hazviite!

  15. avatar says

    It will be better to have a resit exam 2 months after results for those who obtain marks from 40% and perhaps ACCA can improve some more by announcing the results within a month after exams and providing detailed breakdown of the marks for each students so that one can understand precisely which areas of questions they have failed to gain pass marks!

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