Should students who failed their ACCA exam be allowed to retake it 1 month later?

Here are the results of the poll, you can still post your comments below, if students should be allowed to retake ACCA exam 1 month later? We will forward them to the ACCA

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  1. avatar says

    Hello i gave 3 papers this time….f4 f5 and f6…..and i happened to fail in all three papers…..What shall i do???I’m taking f7 and f9 classes….
    IS it fine if i give paper 5, 7 and 9 this time???Would it be okay???Or will it be way to tough???
    For addition i sat for exams this december without any preparation at all…..Studying them right from now on for June exams…Will it be fine???Please help me!!!

    • Profile photo of tamour says

      ,5,7,9 requaires a lots of lot prectice…
      there is lots of similar concepts in 5,7 and 9…i also attempt these papers in june10 and passed all….synergies are very high…
      in my opinion best option….
      but on other side before this i,ve passed f4 and f6,,,,
      therefore in december attempt i was able to go with f8,p1 andp2…
      they are also interrelated….
      in last whatever you select,work hard and be confident inshaallah ,ll succeed…

  2. Profile photo of tamour says

    i passed my first 12 papers in 2 years(in first attempt)…but from last one year i am not able to pass p7.i,ve studied p7 twice and i,ve confidence in my concepts…but on the day i,ve made some real childish mistakes thAt caused me 18 months…
    i agree with admin…
    i m ready to pay 100 pounds per paper

  3. avatar says

    Resits a month after results is a great idea. I don’t think it will flood the marketplace with ACCA qualified accountants because you still have to pass the resit exam. Some people are talking like it’s like giving someome a pass with a resit one month after results. That’s not the case. It helps people who do pass get through the qualifications faster as they don’t have to wait until the next sitting to resit, but it doesn’t mean more will pass. There maybe should be a cut off that says those with a mark between 45 and 49% should get the chance to resit. Less than that should wait until the next sitting. Some other accounting bodies allow resits a month after results and I don’t see the market being flooded with accountants as a result of their decision to allow this. I think it’s a great idea.

  4. Profile photo of dipintee says

    I have passed acca level one…dont we get certificate or a card (apart the online results) stating i have passed the exams from the institution we are studying at…im applying for jobs and in case i get an interview what proof I am to show that I complete acca level one..?

  5. avatar says

    I agree, at least students will have extra time to polish not well known topics and practise exam questions. Most of the knowledge is still in head so will be less to remember than after 6 months. In my opinion having knowledge and understanding the subject does not equal passing the exam. And of course students could speed up with ACCA qualifications.

  6. avatar says

    Exam results are released about 2 months after so I don’t think the 1 month retake will make much sense since we will not know for sure if we have passed or failed. I would like to suggest that ACCA exams be offered at least 3 times a year.

  7. avatar says

    I agree and fully support this really discouraging after failing to retake after 6 months.6 months really matters in a student life esp who are enaged in working and other responsibilities and are striving for career progression depending upon qualifying ACCA.

  8. Profile photo of ekainujohn says

    This will go a long way to help students prepare immediately after the exams knowing fully well that they can sit for the paper in a month’s time. In most cases, right from the exam hall, you know were your weaknesses are and continuing studying will help build ones capacity, therefore translating to passing the exams. PLEASE it should be implemented!!!!!!

  9. avatar says

    i think student should be allowed to retake exams after a month. some times right from the exams hall you can tell that you’ve failed the exams so in that case knowing that i can retake the exams i’d rather just continue studying or look at my weak areas and spend time to get conversant with them and when the results are out if they are favourable good but if not take them after a month easy…. because really for some of us our future at work depends on these results so it would be of great help to us….. the exams are tough so if there are these flexibilities people might just do better. it is very demoralising for one to wait for another six months to resit exams but sometimes when i fail and think of the three months ahead of me to study the same paper i feel like my world is crumbling…. especially because most times you know the stuff just the exams says otherwise…. pls consider this option for us>>> thanks>

  10. avatar says

    45 %+ should b classified as a supplementary and written within a month,its demorilising to wait half a year to write an exam,besidse u would rip us off $ on these supplemantary examinations!wat does acca have to luz?

  11. Profile photo of kudzaishechipangura says

    We can’t have fly by night accountants, surely if acca exams are written within short intervals that’l demean the whole thing. It would certainly seem as if acca is more interested in people’s money because it takes time for an average being to fully comprehend aspects of a particular course and at the same time take even a week to pass an exam. The point is exam results are not the absolute determinant of whether someone has mastered a concept or not.

    • Profile photo of lewist says

      @kudzaishechipangura, if u had to drive a thousand kilometers to the airport, to catch a 10:30 flight to attend a job interview or your child’s wedding ceremony, and arrived at 10:35, i’m sure you would welcome another flight within two hours because it will have saved you 2000k/m worth of driving. in any case you will have missed the event so my point is time is not redeemable but this is as close as it can get and we the students have more to lose than they do, so why not?

  12. avatar says

    Students should be allowed to resit for the exams they fail within a month after the publishing of results.and results for these to be published within the period’s standard exam entry time frame.These exams may even cost slightly more than the normal June/December exam fees.I say this because it is demoralising for students to wait a longer period of time to resit their papers and thus completion of ACCA course exams is prolonged.I think this would increase pass rates.However,the exams should be designed for resitting candidates and those candidates with valid reasons for deferring/missing the June/December exams.

  13. avatar says

    if a student does not pass a sub by studying 6 months then he likely wont pass it after 1 more month of study anyway! but i think acca should make exam seating after every 3 months not six… 6 months is too long and frustrating for someone who has only one subject to go to finish acca :( it will even help retakes more flexible and not that time consuming.. about the job market well in my country ppl hardly recognizes ACCA.. theres not job market to begin with =)

    • Profile photo of kudzaishechipangura says

      @admin, exams are not designed to be hard but to test student comprehension of concepts prescribed in a relevant curriculum so as to establish their readiness for the market or their current position in the market.Exams are not hard but are failed if not seriously studied for.This automatically means time is of essence to that end, not on the part of the student alone but for ACCA as well. Imagine adjustments ACCA has to go through to successfully do that, the costs and so forth bearing in mind it’s a global exercise. Passing is important but understanding is way more important.

      • Profile photo of admin says


        Passing is important but understanding is way more important. – I totally agree and knowing subject – I meant understanding subject!

        Do not confuse though two things, ACCA is there for students/members, not the other way round! It’s students who have to work and study.So they are already under heavy time pressure! ACCA job is among other things.. setting exams.. it’s not really difficult! this is what they get paid for.

      • Profile photo of lewist says

        @kudzaishechipangura, i’m sure you do realise that sometimes you may understand the subject fully but still fail and on the other hand you can pass the exam with a distinction but not fully understand the subject, bare in mind that some of the people who are failing these exams may already be in the job market and some of them actually hold other “equivalent” qualifications so sometimes in the exam you’re dealt with cards that will not win the game, waona. i have to agree with admin

    • Profile photo of lewist says

      @rameez12345, please bare in mind that retaking is not a guaranteed pass and the number of people determined to retake will surprise you, nevertheless if one has passed, they still have to pass the interview to get the job. ACCA’s marketability or any other qualification thereof is not based how many hold the qualification but i’m sure it is on merit so our marketability is hooked on the performance of those currently holding the qualification not our performance in our exams besides you are hanging in the loop if you don’t enter the job market now, then you will most likely flood the market on the next sitting since you’ll be an extra.

      • Profile photo of tauraiversatile says

        @lewist, i agree with you, now the issue is not in understanding but in passing and how one has achieved a pass is not our business. Some can just memorise the concepts for the sake of an exam and forget them as soon as they get out of the hall. Further assessments like interviews will help to see if one can qualify for the job, this makes me agree with you and the admin as well.

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