Should students who failed their ACCA exam be allowed to retake it 1 month later?

Here are the results of the poll, you can still post your comments below, if students should be allowed to retake ACCA exam 1 month later? We will forward them to the ACCA

Here is the breakdown by country (Top 10 countries only)


  1. avatar says

    I can understand why the majority want to have the avialability to resit after one month after failing a paper. But that misses the point I think. The reason for failing is most often because you are not adeqately prepared and having a paper marked and then retaking within one month is unrealistic if only because no student will have been able to do enoughwork to get them up to the passing standard in that short time. Being given a fail mark by Acca is not intended as a way of slowing down the path to qualifiing. It’s to show that you’re not ready – you don’t know enough. And one month between taking the exam which you failed and a retake is not enough – and that’s ignoring the time taken to mark the paper.
    And how many times are you to be allowed this? If you fail in June and retake in July, and fail again….are you then able to try again in August? And September? Get real! you cant expect examiners to write 12 papers a year – that would be rediculous. At the moment, results are out 2 months after the exam. That then gives a failing student 4 months – time to catch back up to a level where they failed and then time to build up on that to a passing standard. theres no way that acca can be expected to allow such a nonsense proposal – its not going to happen. Three exam sessions a year is going to be tough enough – and its highly dobtful taht there will be an improvement in the pass rate – those students who failed in the previus exam will increase there chances of failure if they take the exam 2 months after getting the fail result – not enough time to build up to required standard. Sorry to be in the 10% minority but you majority people are letting your own feelings (and bitterness about failing) take over your commonsense

  2. avatar says

    Yes I think we should be allowed to retake the exam after one month, at least as an option. It is just ridiculous to wait six month to retake the failed exam, because I have already been study for some time, so why should I wait another six month for no reason especially when you are working full time and no longer 20 years old

    • avatar says

      We should be allowed to take failed exams as soon as possible, one month is fair.

      Waiting until the next siting is ridiculous as our memory and knowledge is still fresh in one month as opposed to six months later when we have to study for the failed paper plus another!

      ACCA needs to start considering it’s stakeholders and try harder to satisfy them!

  3. avatar says

    I feel there is a point widely missed. Completing papers simply grants one part of the ACCA qualification. Yes there is precious theoretical knowledge and critical thinking moving forward but implementation is a completely different process. Hence the IFRS is issuing guidelines and not strict bureaucratic rules. I feel the argument between first time and second or third (or more) time passers is just narrowing the ability to see the wider implications the most important of which (in our profession at least) is efficiency. When someone completes all exams at first attempt and completes the papers in record time still has to go through the PER. In reverse someone who has managed to complete PER but not the papers still has to be examined. The point of resitting exams merely brings the completion time of the qualification to an average (with a standard deviation included). In other words, one should be qualified whenever all criteria (qualitative and quantitative) are met allowing the person to fully respond to the duties and requirements of the profession. I do not see how this is affected by resitting exams provided of course that the degree of difficulty is the same, a point upon which I think we all agree. All knowledge acquired during our studies is vindicated (or not) in real life terms. This is why I feel the comparative of first time pass the papers and those who do not achieve the same objective is disorienting. There is absolutely no evidence to support that first time passers are more equiped and thus better accountants as there are also no evidence to support that non-first time passers are NOT slackers. As said before this will come up in later professional life. This is why the ACCA qualification is a mean to an end and not an end in itself. An end which is dependant upon numerous factors (ability, interest, willingness etc) which determine the value of a qualified person in later professional life. I would suggest that instead for each one to projecti their ego on the matter to rethink in terms of professionalism.

    Kind Regards to All

  4. avatar says

    I don’t think there should be re-sits. If you knew you could just retake within a month them surely you wouldn’t try as hard? The fact that its now you pass or wait 6 months means that you will study harder and unfortunately if you fail then you have to wait.. BUT your less likely to fail again after 6 months more hard study? If you kept retaking and failing you would feel worse about it!

  5. avatar says

    dear glennfisher,
    what can you possibly give for an answer to admin’s mail on the 6th March. Please drop this idea of yours is not going anywhere. acca is evolving, whether now or later we will get to that.

    the fact that you pass once doesnt mean others are failure, there are better students out there. if f1-3 can be taken at anytime, all acca exam can take the same format without compromising the standard. my friend, you must live in the century we live in.

    right before our nose, acca stop sending us Student Accountant magazine, acca raises exam fee almost every sitting, students in the UK Singapor etc no longer get hard copy result- strictly online. Things are changing & you must go with the flow.

    i assure you, the changes wont devalue the process as long acca continues with the current standard.

    • Avatar of admin says

      @gabriel, there is no need to prolong this discussion :)
      we are sending the results to the ACCA
      we are not sending them updates, after that.
      they can conduct their own research and decide, we only did what students asked us to do

  6. avatarpeekaboa says

    are you saying that you prepare the exams the day before exams? you should have been consistent throughout your revision such that these factors would not affect you at all

  7. avatarpeekaboa says

    am i the only one who object? I think i should offer an opinion on a flip-side of coin. i am sorry to say that but having these rules in place would not be fair for those who have graduated as they need to wait for 6 months to re-take. Some students might not put much efforts or take in granted. There will also be consistency of questions standards. I am sorry to say that if you have put that much efforts or grasped the concepts correctly you wouldn’t even have flunked in the first place. Failed marginally or not makes no difference, you still fail.You fail it take it again at the SAME cost.

    I understand it is a hassle and tough moments having to wait for another 6 months but rules are rules, they are there for a reason and please don’t be so selfish and support this just because you happened to fail your exams.

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